Netflix’s Bard Of Blood Sees RAW Agent Out For Revenge Against Muslim Extremists
Bard of Blood - Netflix

I was a little surprised to see a trailer for a show like Bard of Blood popping up on Netflix. It follows an Indian Research and Analysis Wing agent, Kabir, played by Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi. He’s tasked with leading a mission to rescue several Indian captives held by Islamic extremists.

While it might seem like a straight through rescue mission, things head south and Kabir is blamed for the fallout, resulting in him being excommunicated from RAW.

However, they attempt the mission again, this time off the books and with Kabir back in charge as a blood-lusted man on a mission. Kabir punches, kicks, shoots, and kills his way toward the completion of his mission.

You can check out the two and a half minute trailer below.

I have to say, I’m shocked that Netflix would even pick up a series like this.

Showing Muslim extremists beheading innocent people and painting them as villains that must be stopped?

I’m curious how they let this get greenlit given their very obvious Left-wing bias that usually favors Islam and attempts to create a lot of apologetics for the religion.

Then again, this is an Indian-produced series and Netflix is just distributing it. Unlike the “Progressives” lounging around the needle-infested corners of San Francisco, Indians don’t seem to have any qualms about portraying the negative aspects of Islam.

On the other hand, since this is Indian-produced, maybe Netflix sees that as balancing the scales since they’re not white?

Now if this were a show that had a white lead with Muslim villains… they probably would have dropped the axe faster on this show than those two lesbians dropped the butcher’s knife on their 9-year-old son’s penis.

Anyway, Bard of Blood is set to debut on Netflix starting September 27th. But you all know the rule about Netflix… right?


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