Ninja Joins Mixer, Abandons
Ninja Mixer

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is famous for playing Fortnite on He makes a lot of money playing the game all day long, sometimes even with celebrities. Well, now he’s departing from Twitch and moving exclusively to Microsoft’s Mixer.

Bounding Into Comics is reporting that Ninja has made the move and it will be a permanent one… for now. Ninja told the Associated Press

“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities Twitch has provided me. But as I looked at the next step in my career, I wanted to be somewhere that empowered me to push the boundaries of gaming and achieve bigger goals within the industry. Mixer provides me with more ways to connect with my community.”

If you’re not at all interested in reading the bits, TheQuartering does a video about it, so you can get the breakdown from him as well.

As noted in the article, Ninja gave up his 14 million followers on Twitch for a measly 239,000 subscribers over on his Mixer channel as of the writing of this article.

Also, let me take a moment to point out that trying to search up “Ninja Mixer” will not give you the results you think it will. Be prepared to comb through a lot of kitchenware advertisements before you even get to Microsoft’s second-rate streaming service.

Anyway, I really don’t give a crap about this kind of news. I was asked to cover it but it’s one of those moments in history that will quickly be forgotten, much like Colin Kapernick’s football career in the next few years, or when Microsoft used to make good games for the OG Xbox.

Also, keep in mind that MIcrosoft’s Phil Spencer, who heads up the Xbox division, doesn’t believe in freedom of speech for the Xbox community, and also felt fine promoting Facebook’s social engineering program known as Women In Gaming.

But whatever, for the little pubescent boys who still dream of being like Ninja and the confused girls who are still attracted to pencil-necked geeks who look like anorexic lesbians on failed hormone treatment therapy, Ninja will be there to guide the way playing cancer-inducing games like Fortnite.

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Han)


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