Nintendo Copyright Blocks YouTuber GilvaSunner From Hosting Music From Nintendo Games
Nintendo Copyright

In the same way that Nintendo can giveth fan-service and sexy-time games, they can also taketh away a lot of fan-shared content across social media. That’s exactly what happened with YouTuber GilvaSunner, who had all of the Nintendo music they had uploaded on the channel, globally blocked via a copyright claim from Nintendo.

Nintendo Life caught wind of the news from a tweet made by GilvaSunner, who informed their audience about the issue on Twitter, showcasing a screen capture of all the music that was copyright blocked by Nintendo.

As noted, the removals are only for music from Nintendo games and only certain songs. If you head over to GilvaSunner’s YouTube channel there are still plenty of songs still available for your listening pleasure, including many from Kirby, Smash Bros and even The Legend of Zelda.

However, if you check the playlists you’ll quickly see just how many songs have been removed from GilvaSunner’s channel, as certain unavailable videos will net you the dreaded copyright notice.

As pointed out by Nintendo Life, while Nintendo does have a legal right to bring down the copyright hammer on people hosting their games’ music on social media and video hosting sites like YouTube, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a truly dickish thing to do.

Either way, Nintendo has deprived a lot of people from being able to listen to music on YouTube from their favorite Nintendo games. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if maybe all of the music that they copyright blocked was available on albums, as MP3s, or via streaming someplace, but that’s not the case. If you don’t get the music as part of a deluxe package in some rare cases where the soundtrack is included, or part of a music remix collection, you simply won’t be able to listen to the music whenever you please.

But Nintendo doesn’t always put the desires of the community first before their own desires to protect their brands, even when the protection does little more than deprive people of a way to listen to some classic tunes from their favorite games.

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