Persona 5 Royal To Release In The West Sometime In Spring 2020

Atlus has released a new trailer for Persona 5 Royal, which will likely get the screechers on ResetEra up in arms much like over the recent Ion Fury case. Anyway, folks looking forward to Persona 5 Royal have the chance to snag the JRPG sometime in Spring of 2020. In other words, the Phantom Thieves will be back at it again in the enhanced version sometime in Q1 or Q2 2020 for PS4.

If, however, you are excited to explore new features in the world of Persona, you can join the heart stealers early next year as they prep to make their triumphant return.

Last trailer we got a closer look at Kasumi Yoshizawa and her bare thighs all thanks to her leotard, some memes, and other in-game content.

In addition to the above, the following trailer that brings with it a Western release window and familiar faces contains a lot of similar content that was featured in last week’s trailer — sadly without the t-shirt and panty shot, though.

For those who aren’t fans of Persona 5 Royal or Sony and its policies likely could care less about all of this, but if you do care then you  can check out the latest trailer and its description right here:

“Persona 5 Royal heads to the West in Spring 2020!


Reunite with the Phantom Thieves and meet their newest member, Kasumi Yoshizawa, when Persona 5 Royal launches in the West in Spring 2020!”

So far Atlus hasn’t capitulated to ResetEra yet in regards to the demands to have Kasumi Yoshizawa wear pants of some sorts to cover her thighs. However, we’ll find out what’s going to go down when the game launches in Japan this October 31st.

As for the Western version, it’s unclear if any changes will surface. Right now, gamers and fans alike have more than six months to wait before going hands-on with Persona 5 Royal.

Lastly, both the Japanese and North American versions will launch on PS4.


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