ProJared Makes Video Addressing Misinformation


YouTuber ProJared posted up a 42 minute video talking about some of the misinformation that’s been spreading around about him. He spent nearly half the video covering accusations made by a Twitter user going by the handle of Chai, who originally claimed that ProJared was collecting nudes of underage people, but Jared vehemently denied the accusations.

Kotaku In Action 2 spotted the recent upload from Jared, who came back to address some of the allegations that were made three months ago.

In the video, which was posted up on August 27th, 2019, Jared discusses how the misinformation helped tank his reputation.

He addresses that the claims made by Chai are untrue, and states that while he has no evidence to debunk Chai’s claims, he goes through the history of the Twitter user, pointing out how they were trying to gain relevancy and clout by latching on the hate mob coagulated through cancel culture.

You can check out the lengthy video below to get all of Jared’s side of the story.

Now it’s not all about him putting the falsehoods and accusers in their place. Jared still succumbs to the Left’s prescription of controlled linguistics, acknowledging that him trading nudes – even though consensual – was still a power imbalance due to him being a popular YouTuber.

That kind of ideological concession will likely still spare him no favors among the activists operating their blogs and media outlets seeking to maintain their ivory towers and propagate the next target for their cancel culture campaigns.

Nevertheless, Jared does address some other accusations made by former Playboy model and content creator Pamela Horton. He’s too weak to call her a liar so he resorts to stating that the events she rolled out in a Twitter thread about him disrespecting her and spreading around her Playboy pictorials without her consent is probably due to someone else misremembering the event and misinforming her about it.

His lack of decisiveness in being resolute with his answers makes it hard to take him at his word on face value. If he didn’t do what people like Horton claimed he did, he should just outright say “No, this is unequivocally false. I did not do that!” but he kind of waddles around in a lake of uncertainty and it certainly doesn’t help make his case more convincing.

Even still, he’s at least trying to set the record straight, even if he didn’t do the best of jobs of disproving some of the more salacious claims.

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