Riot Games Finally Announces It Is Creating A Fighting Game… I Have Thoughts
Riot Games Fighting Game

So, it appears the long assumed Riot Games fighting game is finally being developed. For the full story on this not so surprising announcement, you can check out the article by Event Hubs. I am much more interested in speculating about the quality and content of such a game. After all, there really isn’t much else to talk about seeing as all they have said publicly is that a fighting game is in the works.

We have no idea if the game is going to be a 2D or 3D fighter. My guess, it is probably going to be a 3D polygonal fighter in the style of Tekken. This would be the easier way they could adapt their very popular League of Legends characters into the game. Because, if you think the League of Legends characters will not be in the game, you are fucking crazy. The amount of ready built DLC that having LOL characters in the game is too much for their greedy asses to pass up.

Speaking of being greedy, I can safely guess that the game will be made for as many consoles along with PC because they have already said they want to push this game as an ESport. With one exception, no modern fighter has a chance to become popular enough to become an ESport without a mutli-console release. It just doesn’t happen because the field of competition is just too wide to try for a single console release.

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Lastly, the game is going to be a SJW wet dream. LOL is already pushing SJW talking points hard so you can expect that mentality to cross over to this game. Additionally, Riot Games has already spoken out against sexy fighting games like Dead or Alive. If the new Riot Fighting game isn’t Burka Battle Royale 2020 then I will print out and eat this article!


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