Sacred Sword Sweeties Launches Uncensored On Nutaku
Sacred Sword Sweeties

It’s been a long while since we’ve dropped some news on you about a brand new gaming experience that’s designed to give your wrists a serious workout… by moving the mouse around and strategically making use of the most powerful, throbbing head on your body… that rests atop your shoulders. Of course. We’re all about providing you with the kind of blood-pumping stimuli that makes you crave an explosion of cognitive nourishment. But that’s not what this article is about… this article is about some hardcore, unadulterated, through-and-through, red-blooded fapping material. Hoorah!

Nutaku announced that Sacred Sword Sweeties is currently available right now on PC and Android devices.

The free-to-play 3D dating sim features a plot that centers around gamers having to save the world from evil Sins. Gamers are the only ones within that world that carries the divine blood in which to imbue the drop-dead gorgeous vessels that can be infused with extraordinary powers in order to defeat evil.

This means that you’ll have to play your cards right, strategize your attacks, and pump those vessels with as much of your heroic juices as humanly possible. There’s a NSFW launch trailer for Sacred Sword Sweeties that you can check out below, which highlights some of the hotties you can take into battle with you and also take to bed, as well as the combat system, CG sex scenes, and dating elements.

The game is fully uncensored and you don’t need any R18+ patches or off-site updates to get the game working right proper.

The game fuses a mixture of visual novel storytelling, tactical card collecting, turn-based battles, and more than 50 CG sex scenes all together into one big blended bowl of ultimate gaming goodness.

I mean, what’s better than combining actual gameplay with hot, naked chicks?

Sacred Sword Sweeties - Thongs and Guns

Some of the character designs are pretty hot. They capture the gamut of stereotypical hotties, from the long-haired blonde with blue eyes, to the rowdy tomboy with with short shorts and a penchant for packing dental floss between her cheeks, they have just about every type covered, including a nerdy loli.

And for those of you who actually play R18+ games for the story, there’s more than 200,000 words accounted for to follow the weaving character tale and worldbuilding that makes up the plot of Sacred Sword Sweeties.

If you’re interested in giving the game a try, you can do so by visiting the very obviously not safe for work Nutaku store page.


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