Sad Panda, Exhentai Is Back… For Now
Sad Panda

It’s not exactly clear how long it will be back or if this is a temporary thing, but reports are going around that Sad Panda is back. The exhentai outlet has apparently been resurrected from the dead and some users are posting links to some of their favorite doujins and image galleries in order to properly archive them and back them before anything else happens… again.

There is no news about it other than threads popping up on 4chan claiming that the site is back. In one anime thread that was posted on August 2nd, 2019, there is a PSA informing people that Sad Panda is back… for now, and to archive everything.

Some anonymous user has been spreading around a quote that they allege belongs to the host of Sad Panda, Tenboro, who claimed…

“Well, turns out we’re not quite done after all. I won’t go into specifics yet because I’m still getting stuff in place but I wanted the site back up as soon as possible and didn’t have time to really prepare a message.


“This should, hopefully, be permanent. I’ve moved hosts and – thanks to the surge in donations over the past week – been able to hire another developer on a temporary basis to assist with the transfer and some upgrades I had planned (more on those later).


“This is unexpected for me too, and was only possible with the assistance of a few anonymous assistants from a certain imageboard who donated their time and effort to helping me arrange a new host that should provide stability for the foreseeable future. This would not have happened without them arranging this deal, but they’ve requested their privacy so I’m afraid I can’t name the ones who’ve helped save the site.


”I’ve had a busy 24 hours and worked through the night, so I’ll be offline for a few hours. I hope to have a more full rundown of what this all means going forward by Saturday.”

So if this isn’t just a troll quote, we should have legitimate news about the future of Sad Panda, exhentai, and presumably e-hentai by Saturday, August 3rd, 2019.

As to the legitimacy of Sad Panda’s return… it’s legitimate all right.

There’s another NSFW 4chan thread that was posted up on August 2nd, 2019 with users going through a link dump of their favorite entries on exhentai and informing people to archive and backup every image and folder and submission they possibly can for the time being.

Now, keep in mind that not everyone has been able to access the site again but for people who already have accounts and have been visiting regularly, they’ve been able to reach the site and browse the content.

If you do visit the exhentai website, it’s true that it’s back up and if you’re not logged into your e-hentai account you’ll be greeted with a message featuring four lolis. Again, there’s no guarantee that this is permanent, but it looks like the Sad Panda won’t have so many sad visitors anymore.

(Thanks for the news tip VLOCKUP)


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