Session, Realistic Skateboarding Game Enters Early Access September 17th
Session - Steam Early Access

Montreal-based Creā-ture Studios announced that Session, the crowdfunded, realistic skateboarding game that seeks to revive the extreme sports genre that Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Skate left behind, will make its first big splash on the market as an Early Access title on Steam starting September 17th, 2019 next month.

The project was originally Kickstarted back in late 2017, and after two years of development the team is now finally ready to introduce gamers to an early alpha version of the title on PC.

But don’t you worry, the first console iteration of Session will debut on the Xbox One a few weeks after the game debuts on Steam. Session will, however, enter into the Game Preview program, allowing gamers to play-test the skateboarding title in the lead-up to its full release, which is scheduled to take place in 2020.

To commemorate the announcement a new trailer dropped for the game, which you can check out below.

The game is a throwback to the 1990s extreme sports titles, such as 989 Studios’ Xtreme racing series, or Cool Boarders, or Tony Hawk Pro Skater, or Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX.

It’s a celebration and homage to the counter-culture, punk-rock era of skateboarding that defined the mid-to-late 1990s and early 2000s before it became corporate, lame, and ultimately forgotten.

You’ll be able to select a character, and and utilize the game’s simulation-based stance-stick control, where each analog stick represents one foot on the board. The idea is to utilize the sticks to replicate the movement of tricks performed by each foot.

Session - Kickflip

The Early Access version of the game will take place in a 1:1 scaled recreation of lower downtown Manhattan in New York, specifically themed around the Brooklyn Banks in the Financial District.

You’ll be able to skate through the area, performing tricks and mastering the art of boarding in the urban jungle.

In addition to pulling off tricks and looking cool while doing so, there will be a video editor that will allow you to make, edit, and share cool clips of your feats, as well as making use of some neat post-processing and filter effects such as the VHS-style overlay to make it look like your clip comes right out of 1995.

You can wishlist Session right now by heading on over to the Steam store page, or you can wait until October to pick up a digital copy that’s part of the Xbox Game Preview program.


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