Shovel Knight Adds “They/Them” Gender Pronoun Options
Shovel Knight

We continue to see our society fall by the wayside. The next step down the rabbit hole of societal decay was commenced by none other than the Yacht Club. They announced that Shovel Knight has added a third gender pronoun option… “they/them”.

The news comes courtesy of a tweet that was published on August 28th, 2019.

The responses, thankfully, called out how trying to appease people who suffer from mental delusions is a complete turnoff.

Various people noted that they did not accept appeasing the people who are trying to push “non-binary” as a standard, even though it biologically doesn’t exist.

Unfortunately the people with common sense were in short supply within the Twitter thread. Majority of the comments were people praising Yacht Club Games for caving into the disconcerting demands of a minuscule minority.

It’s basically more virtue signaling, adding in features that don’t actually improve the game in any way, they just placate the sensibilities of people constantly trying to subvert the biological norms of today’s society.

Anyway, Yacht Club also announced updates for their other Shovel Knight entries, including an alchemy quick select in Plague of Shadows, and Chinese and Korean language support for all the Shovel Knight games.

It seems like even the indie studios are moving further and further Left with each passing day… further away from the gamer’s light.

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