Smashboards For Super Smash Bros Implements Diversity And Inclusion Rules

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

No community is safe. No game is off limits. No fandom is impregnable from the degenerative disease known as Clown World. It has infected nearly everything, including the forums known as Smashboards, themed around discussing Super Smash Bros.

Over on the Smashboards’ help section there’s a “Diversity & Inclusivity” policy. What does it say? Well, you can read it for yourself…

“We are Smashboards (referred to in this document as “we”, “our”, or “us”), and are committed to keeping our website an inclusive space. This page will go over our website’s Diversity and Inclusivity policy. If you have any additional questions about our methods and guidelines regarding inclusion, you may contact us via Staff Announcements and User Feedback Forum.


“Smashboards is a friendly place for people of all backgrounds and walks of life to find common ground and communicate with each other. Diversity and inclusivity are at the heart of the Smash community, and Smashboards is no exception. Personal expression is an important facet of the Smashboards userbase, but it’s critical that we foster community in a way that doesn’t discourage expression from others. For us, that means preventing and moderating hateful behavior. Of course, we don’t mean to discourage diverse or unpopular points of view; intent and context is important here. If your point of view is communicated with clear and good intentions, you should have nothing to worry about. Smashboards staff aims to operate without bias as they uphold the Terms and Rules. This policy aims to define and describe certain behaviors that the Terms and Rules refer to.”

The policy this goes on to talk about how they don’t allow for harassment, and how they don’t allow for “hate speech”.

The list of what constitutes “hate speech” is a clear indication that the forum moderators are completely all in on the Left-wing identity politics.

The list of what you can’t say can be read below…

“Claiming that a negative aspect about a group or individual is attributed to one of the above characteristics


“Attempting to promote, recruit for, or positively describe a known hate group


“Using racial epithets, in general or to attack another user


“Claiming that a group or individual should “go back to” a country that has a high population of their race or ethnicity


“Deliberately deadnaming an individual, be it their previous screen-name or their real-life name, particularly if they have communicated their preferred name to you in the past


“Deliberately misgendering another user, particularly if they have communicated their preferred pronoun to you in the past


“Claiming that “there are only two genders,” particularly as a direct response to an individual that identifies as non-binary”

So now mentioning scientific facts – like there’s only two genders – is now considered “hate speech” on the Smashboards.

This is the kind of newspeak that George Orwell attempted to warn the world about in 1984.

Offending someone for only mentioning the simple fact that there are only two genders is now grounds for getting banned from the SmashBoards.

This is some next level insanity, but it only seems to be spreading like a virus with no cure, or a disease with no treatment.

It’s sad to see this is what’s become of the Smashboards community, utilizing these arbitrary Left-wing rules to dictate how people can and cannot express themselves.

We’re watching the freedoms of Western civilization burn down right in front of our eyes, one digital community at a time.

Take note that if you plan on joining the Smashboard community, you will have to abide by the rules setup by the authoritarians on the Left. You can kiss reality and your freedoms goodbye.

(Thanks for the news tip Ebicentre)

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