SMP Films Calling It Quits On YouTube, Says “My Kind Is Not Wanted Here”
Cory Williams

Cory Williams from SMP Films, known for his YouTube channels The Mean Kitty, Just For Kids, and Live Each Day, is calling it quits. After nearly 15 years of being on YouTube, he’s hanging up the gloves. It won’t be immediately, but after being severely impacted in a negative way by the YouTube algorithm, he decided it was best to focus his attention elsewhere.

The news comes courtesy of a video that was posted up on August 7th, 2019 by Cory Williams over on TheMeanKitty YouTube channel.

In the nine minute video he shows a trend of his channel’s viewership and reach decreasing over time. He claims that he’s lost over 96% of the views and income across his channels over a very short period of time, mostly after the June algorithm update that Google and YouTube rolled out across both their search and video services.

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According to the Social Blade analytics, Williams’ content saw its biggest dips during June when YouTube had announced that they would be making changes to suppress “borderline content”.

This was teamed up with Google’s own algorithm where it, too, began suppressing and removing content based on undisclosed criteria, which greatly affected a number of site.

The algorithm effects for Williams may have impacted his income and views, but it didn’t result in any of his channels being outright terminated like many historical channels.

Of course, the bigger question is… why SMP Films’ content?

Williams doesn’t have an answer, and his content is all family friendly. Some believe that it may be related to his channel Just For Kids, and part of YouTube’s crackdown on anything related to children on their platform in the wake of the childpocalypse, but the impact should have been on that channel alone and not widespread across all of his content across all of his other channels.

Given the lack of transparency from YouTube related to content demonetizations, viewership suppression, and outright channel termination, we’ll likely never find out exactly why one of the original YouTubers from back in 2005 is being hit as hard as he is in recent months.

He plans on sticking around until September to celebrate his YouTube anniversary before calling it quits and moving on to other projects. He’s already been through the MySpace boom (and fall), and he appears to be adapting to the rapid change in the social media climate, looking and ready to explore alternative avenues and open new doors where old doors have closed.

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