Square Enix Reveals Gamescom 2019 Lineup And Playable Demos

Gamescom 2019 is nearing, and like any other year, the usual players are announcing their lineup of games to appear at the annual European games event. This time around, Square Enix has taken to the web to show off Trials of Mana, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Marvel’s Avengers as one of the many titles that will be at the publisher/developer’s booth.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has stirred up some controversy with a certain “ethics department” involved, and Marvel’s Avengers character designs haven’t gone over too well with gamers. Despite those things, though, the pair will have playable demos set up for people to try.

With that said, Square Enix updated square-enix-games.com to show off the March 3rd, 2020, RPG’s latest Gamescom 2019 description:


“For the first time in Europe, visitors will experience the highly anticipated FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, with a hands-on demo showcasing the reimagining of the iconic original game that re-defined the RPG genre.


Across 72 stations, show attendees will get their first look at the game before its release for the PlayStation®4 system on 3rd March 2020.”

Not only will Marvel’s Avengers the game have a demo at Gamescom, but it will also have a beta access phase for those who dare to pre-order the game in question:


“In a worldwide first, fans at Gamescom 2019 will play a hands-on demo for MARVEL’S AVENGERS!


Gamers at the Square Enix booth will battle as Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor experiencing the preliminary incident of this original Avengers story, launching on 15 May 2020, simultaneously for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, Stadia, and PC.


Play the Beta first on PS4. Pre-Order for Beta Access at www.playavengers.com.”

Joining the fray of demo frenzy is Trials of Mana, a game that yours truly is looking forward to at launch. The 3D remake of the classic JRPG will be playable at Gamescom before its 2020 release:

Trials of Mana

“This remake of an RPG classic makes its global debut at Gamescom with a new playable demo!


Trials of Mana completely rebuilds the original (which is playable in COLLECTION OF MANA), with modern 3D graphics and new action RPG battle, levelling and skill systems.


Attendees will be able to experience an early section of the game at the Square Enix booth, and try out just some of the amazing characters that will be playable in the full game, when it comes out in 2020.”

If you happen to be into prizes, cosplaying, and taking on challenges, then look no further since Final Fantasy XIV Online will bring that and more at Gamescom:


It’s going to be a good Gamescom for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online fans. The critically-acclaimed MMORPG arrives at the show, bringing intense challenges and great prizes with it.


There will be a number of stage shows across the week, featuring makers of the game, including Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida and Main Scenario Writer and World Lore Creator Banri Oda. The programme culminates with a big cosplay competition on Friday 23 August.


Also, on the evening of Friday 23 August is the next FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Fan Gathering. It’s going to be the biggest FINAL FANTASY XIV Online fan gathering to ever take place in Germany, so Cologne had better get ready…


Life is Strange 2 will make an appearance at Gamescom with its Episode 4 debut trailer dubbed “Faith.” If this game has you excited, then you know what booth to visit:

Life is Strange 2

“Life is Strange 2 will debut a trailer for Episode 4 ‘Faith’ at gamescom 2019, ahead of the episode’s release on 22 August.


In ‘Faith’, the Diaz brothers’ journey towards a new life in Mexico reaches its most thrilling and complex stage yet.


The trailer releases 19 August, so watch out for that.”

And lastly, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be at Gamescom with a bonus of a playable demo. Fans of the RPG will be able to go hands-on with the game that’s currently out in the wild at said event:


“Having surpassed 5 million shipments and digital sales following its launch earlier this year, the critically acclaimed action-RPG KINGDOM HEARTS III returns to Gamescom 2019 with playable demos from worlds inspired by Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Hercules and Disney Pixar’s Toy Story.”

You can learn more about the Square Enix booth, its games, and Gamescom 2019 by paying square-enix-games.com a visit.

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