Star Ocean: Anamnesis Shutting Down November 5th, 2019
Star Ocean Anamnesis

Square Enix mobile game Star Ocean: Anamnesis has announced it is shutting down. The news came via a blog post on the official website.

For those unfamiliar with Star Ocean: Anamnesis, it was a mobile game, available for android and ios devices, based on the Star Ocean franchise. Much like the console Star Ocean games, Star Ocean: Anamnesis was an RPG that blurred the lines between science fiction and high fantasy. Unfortunately for me, this game flew under my radar and now that I now about it the game is coming to an end. Officially, service for the game ends on Nov. 5, 2019 9:00 p.m. (PT) or Nov. 6, 2019 5:00 a.m. (UTC).

Star Ocean: Anamnesis was only available in the US for little over a year. It was already up and running for almost two years in Japan at that point. Coincidentally, the game will continue service in Japan after the US servers shut down. So, all the OAG Japanese fans you can breathe easy knowing the game will still be available for you guys to play. Those of you who use a VPN can also still enjoy this game. However, I am sure there are better things to use a VPN for than play a mobile game. Porn comes to mind.

As much as I hate the way mobile games operate, I have been suckered into playing one or two. When they invariably shut down I often wonder why the developers don’t fill up the coffers of the players and let them go hog wild. Just give everybody an unlimited supply of items and characters and let them finish all the content they can. With the game shutting down, it’s not like they are going to lose any money doing that. It would at least let the loyal players go out with a bang and leave them feeling good about the company behind the game.


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