Star Wars Is Awesome: That Disney Sci Fi Series Sucks Tho!
Star Wars

As many of you are well aware, that shitty sci fi fan fiction series Disney slapped the Star Wars brand on sucks donkey dick. From the lack of story telling to the feeling that space is filled with too many humans, the “Star Wars” franchise has been financially descending faster than a soy boy’s wife on Chad’s cock. All joking aside, the series is dead to so many people who grew up with the franchise. And those who should be the next generation of Star Wars fans bought a one way ticket on the Hogwarts Express to any place not showing a Star Wars film.

Now, I’m not going to rehash what Bloomberg and Breitbart has to say about the franchise because I was a Star Wars geek growing up. While my older brother and father played baseball I was swinging the extra bat we brought along like the fucking Star Wars Kid on speed. To be fair, his moves were better since double edged light sabers weren’t a thing when I was a kid. I digress, because this ain’t about me. It’s about Disney fucking up a hand job and still expecting to get paid its five bucks.

You see, the reason Star Wars is failing at the moment is because it is only Star Wars in name. Disney has sucked the soul out of the franchise and tried to shove SJW bullshit into the hole it made while doing so. To call a fan base that embraced Mara Jade — and actively asked for her to star in a potential episode 7 prior to the Disney buyout — “sexist” or “misogynistic” is pants on your head retarded. Disney went and did it anyway because Disney looked at the Star Wars fans and saw a bunch of easily bullied geeks. To be fair, the fandom did relent and watch The Force Awakens with utter fucking glee as Disney went in raw and didn’t even bother to give them a reach around.

However, with each movie Disney shit out and slapped the Star Wars name, less and less fans were willing to suckle at the teat. Disney, not one to learn a lesson easily, doubled and tripled down calling fans worse and worse names for daring to turn their nose up at the plate of horse shit Daddy Disney served up. And, in all its hubris, Disney forgot that the kids of today don’t have the same nostalgia boner for Star Wars that my generation and the Boomers have. So the kids were even less inclined to eat their shit sandwich and declare it “yummy’!

So, now Disney has one of the most well known and beloved franchises that not one, not two, but three generations are uninterested in, as evident with the downturn in revenue that’s mentioned in the Breitbart and Bloomberg pieces.

Bravo Disney, you managed to fuck up so badly people are starting to call Jar Jar Binks cinematic gold. Obviously if the fans are not willing to watch Star Wars movies then they sure as hell are not going to be scooping up the toys and visiting the theme park. All because Disney was too stupid to shell out a few dollars to adapt the beloved and much desired Star Wars extended universe and pop that son of a bitch on screens. The saddest part is the extended universe had checked all the bullshit SJW boxes so they would have gotten the “woke” street cred and the cash. I’m so sick of this bullshit I can’t even write any more. Fuck it, that’s it. Go sperg out in the comment section.


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