SteelSeries Wades Into Gender Politics On Women’s Equality Day

SteelSeries WomensEqualityDay

If you stay within the circlejerk of sociopolitical sewage that is Twitter, you eventually join the herd or clock out. Unfortunately for gaming peripheral maker SteelSeries, they decided to join the herd.

On August 26th, 2019, they made a short tweet, stating that two of the trending hashtags on the social media service should be themes for “every single day”. One of the tags was #InternationalDogDay the other tag was #WomensEqualityDay. Some of you might remember that 505 Games recently celebrated the event by excluding men from streaming Control in celebration of Women’s Equality Day.

I’m not exactly sure where in the Western world women aren’t given equal rights, but in the mind of the person operating SteelSeries’ Twitter account, apparently it doesn’t exist.

Of course, they could be referencing the middle and far east, where a lot of women don’t have equal rights, but if that were the case they seemed to left out a few key hashtags, religions, and regional accounts who may in certain parts of Africa and Asia that probably really could have used the heads-up, instead of virtue signaling to gamers who generally are fed up and tired of all of the identitarian politics being peddled by mega-corporations and authoritarian ideologues residing out of California.

The responses to SteelSeries’ tweet, however, were about as typical as you would expect. Given that majority of Twitter lean Left, it means that there were a lot of people out there with pronouns in their profiles heaping praise on the peripheral company.

There were a few people who tried to troll the post with some words of wisdom, but it didn’t really go anywhere.

It’s funny because I’m sure many Leftists will defend SteelSeries’ tweet, but what if the situation was reversed? What if they tweeted out support for National Gun Day? Or what if they tweeted out support for saying “every day should be international men’s day!”? I tend to doubt that the same people who would defend the current tweet would defend the alternatives.

Heck, there used to be time where there was more pushback against all of the Left-wing politicization of consumer media, but it’s dwindling more and more as those who offer dissent are banned from social media, and those who don’t adhere to the propaganda being peddled by the Left find themselves ostracized, shadow-banned or generally left out of the social circles when it comes to most general interactions.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory or a hypothesis, though, it’s a fact.

In a Pew Research Center report they revealed that majority of Twitter’s users are females, lean heavily Left, and are very much into the whole Social Justice culture. In short, Twitter is Left leaning and continues to lean further Left as more and more people get ousted, censored or banned off the platform.

At this point companies are almost universally advertising to the Left while ostracizing everybody else.

The thing is, if you get tired of seeing all of that sociopolitical nonsense clog up your feed? Well, you’ll likely be told to “make your own social media service”, at which point you’ll be further ostracized when the media labels that platform as an “Alt-Right” “Nazi haven”, which is what they did to Gab.

For gamers who just want to unplug from all of this nonsense there’s literally no escape. There’s no company that doesn’t appear to be overtaken with Social Justice when it comes to their social media interactions, and there doesn’t appear to be anyway outside of the maze of indoctrination that the Left has orchestrated throughout all the major big tech social media sites.

(Thanks for the news tip HaitianLeg)

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