Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Summer DLC Update Includes Poison, Lucia, E-Honda
Street Fighter 5 Poison

Capcom introduced a new trailer for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, highlighting three new characters, two of which are going to be ripe for the nude mod treatment. This includes the age-old sumo wrestler E. Honda, who has been around in the series since Street Fighter II, along with Lucia, and R34’s darling, Poison.

The trailer starts with E. Honda, doing his thing; grappling, kicking, slapping, and palm-striking his way to victory. But nobody came here to look at or talk about the blubber-muscle of E. Honda, they came to talk about hotties like Lucia and Poison, two alumni from Final Fight.

Lucia, is decked out in a police uniform, but made with the tender, love, and sexiness of Japanese artists, which means she’s sporting some thigh-high tights and short-shorts. You can catch a glimpse below.

She has a fairly generic fighting style, with lots of quick jabs and leg-checks to keep her opponents on the move or looking to block out of desperation.

Lucia’s second outfit sees her in more leg-baring S.W.A.T., gear, so we get to see a lot of her exposed thighs in some spandex briefs.

Her arms are also exposed, but sadly there’s no cleavage or midriff on display since she has on a tactical vest to canvas her slender torso.

In some ways, Capcom’s design for Lucia’s second outfit looks pretty much like a gender-swapped version of Clark Steel from King of Fighters.

But then the trailer rounds out with the knockout… Poison.

Street Fighter V - Poison

My oh my… Capcom really went all in on Poison. She’s wearing her trademark Daisy Dukes, only the cutoff is a lot higher so we get to see some of her plump, scrumptious cheeks peeking out from the cleft of the shorts.

Poison’s trademark red high-heels are complimented with a single black stocking on her left leg and a garter belt on her right leg.

They’ve made her hair more fiery and wild, which may or may not be to some people’s liking.

Street Fighter 5 - Poison Costumes

Unfortunately, Poison’s second outfit is a huge step backward from her default. While the white sundress and matching strap-up heels might be appealing to some, the black spats underneath reek of Ethics Department intrusion.

Anyway, Lucia, E. Honda, and Poison will arrive on August 4th, 2019 followed by the summer costume bundle on August 5th.

Each of the new characters will have four costumes out of the box, with a fifth costume made available via the summer DLC pack.


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