Supmatto YouTube Channel Terminated After Receiving Copyright Strikes For Borderlands 3 Content
Borderlands 3

YouTuber Supmatto did some video content on Borderlands 3 after catching wind of a test-stream from Gearbox Software on from back in April. He wasn’t the only one privy to the test stream; basically a bunch of Reddit users and other Borderlands fans knew about it, too. But since he has a fairly sizable channel, his content caught the attention of 2K Games and they sent private investigators to his house. They then copyright struck his channel, and now YouTube has terminated Supmatto’s channel all because of the videos he produced about Borderlands 3 leaks that he gathered from a test-stream on Twitch.

KotakuInAction 2 noticed that as of August 15th, 2019, Supmatto’s channel is no longer active.

If you attempt to visit his YouTube channel you’re met with the following message.

This comes a week after Supmatto said he was taking a break from social media after he received a visit from the two private investigators sent by 2K Games to his house to question him about the content he created based on the test stream that was broadcast on This took place around August 7th, 2019.

However, if you attempt to watch the video that he posted explaining why he was taking a break from the internet, it’s no longer available.

Several days after that 2K Games provided a PR response to IGN, defending their actions and explaining why they had the investigators to go to Supmatto’s house.

YouTuber Jeremy Hambly from TheQuartering did a breakdown of the event, as well as called out the media outlets who have been shilling and covering for 2K Games in their attempt to ruin Supmatto’s life.

However, at this point Supmatto has lost his entire channel and a good portion of his livelihood while on sabbatical.

One must wonder if he’s going to appeal his channel’s termination or just let it slide?

It doesn’t help matters that Gearbox Software has gone all in on the propaganda train, even threatening to ban users who “misgender” the robot character FL4K.

Add that on to the fact that Borderlands 3 is a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store and it’s not looking good for the upcoming release. Then again, so long as Take-Two, the parent company of 2K Games, dumps enough money into the hype train, they might get enough casual gamers to pick up the title regardless of all the shenanigans they’ve pulled.

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