Terminator: Dark Fate’s Second Trailer Is Filled With Vapid Carnage

Terminator Dark Fate

Tim Miller might be a good director, but it’s not really looking like Terminator: Dark Fate is going to be one of those projects on his resume that would make the general public believe that statement to be true. So far the two major trailers for the film just haven’t inspired much hope that this is anything more than a Hollywood vehicle for more feminist agitprop.

The second official trailer explains a little bit more about the story and showcases more of the new Terminator’s capabilities, including duplicating himself via what can only best be described as replicating autonomous nanites. The technology doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because if he can duplicate himself, why not just make an army?

They’ll really need to lay the science down on that one because it’s not making a ton of sense to me right now. The trailer also reveals that Arnold is an old Terminator and he has beef with Sarah Connor, but they don’t explain why, and the lesbian looking chick continues to imitate a dickless man. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of IGN.

There’s so much that just doesn’t make sense about this anymore.

So some Hispanic chick is now the savior of the world? Straight white males can no longer save humanity, a child of an illegal immigrant has to? I don’t understand.

Pushing John Connor out of the picture like Epstein pushing 18-and-over chicks off his Lolita Express doesn’t jive here. He was the crux of the original trilogy (no matter how terrible the third film was) and now he’s about as significant to the story as Albert Pyun’s directing career is significant to Hollywood.

But all the kvetching aside, the one thing that really grinds my gonads gropes my girdle is that none of the action in this movie looks significant.

Terminator Dark Fate - Judgment Day

There isn’t one scene that makes you go “Wow!”

There isn’t one scene that makes you go “That looks awesome!”

There isn’t one scene that makes you think “This is intense!”

It’s all ho-hum, over-bloated CGI effects and generic shootouts against an enemy where small arms fire is practically useless.

It just makes the whole concept of the action feel… vapid.

Like, what’s the point of using small arms fire against something that can just regenerate or duplicate itself? It was already a somewhat tired concept in Terminator 2 but it did at least serve a purpose. By Terminator 3 we were already yawning, and by the time Genysis came along we were dozing off and blowing snot bubbles out of our noses.

At this point I would be satisfied with just some T-800 action. Heck, I think I speak for most people when I say how about they just retire the series and we just pretend everything after Terminator 2 doesn’t exist?

Anyway, my diatribe aside, Terminator: Dark Fate is scheduled to launch into theaters on November 1st. I’m not in anyway excited for this film, and the only interest I have is wanting to know if this latest (and hopefully final) entry will finally put this brand to rest for good.