The Boys On Amazon Got Woke By Altering Starlight’s Origin With #MeToo Subplot
The Boys Woke

Instead of sticking to the source material to craft a compelling narrative around a horrifying moment (one of many) within Garth Ennis’ highly disturbing graphic novel involving the character Starlight, Amazon decided to take a completely different approach. In fact, the showrunner, Eric Kripke, decided to make Starlight’s sexual assault from the comic a #MeToo moment in the show.

There’s some obvious spoilers ahead so if you don’t want to be spoiled then stop reading here and go back to doing something else, like knitting or crocheting or whatever the heck it is you were doing before you reached the masculine threshold of this site.

Anyway, in the original graphic novel of The Boys, Starlight’s initiation into the expy of the Justice League, known within Ennis’ universe as The Seven, involves giving fellatio to Homelander, A-Train, and Black Noir. She’s pressured into doing so lest they forfeit her inclusion into the group. The young Starlight – who is a Christian and celibate – gives in after being cornered by the three members of The Seven.

Kripke decided to alter how the assault happened and what the aftermath was like, mirroring the subplot for Starlight in Amazon’s version of the show on the way the #MeToo movement unfolded with former Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Kripke explained…

“This was my female writers and producers saying, ‘This is something that happens, we think it’s important to talk about.’


“Originally, Starlight was going to deal with this assault and then she really had no recourse except to take on the Deep directly. She was going to stand up and go after him because we weren’t living in a society where women were being believed when they speak out.” [When the Weinstein scandal broke, the writer’s room saw] society change in real time.”

Entertainment Weekly paraphrases the intent of Kripke and the other writers by filling in the blanks with plenty of Left-wing jargon, stating that the rewrite of the story was formulated around a “toxic masculine” environment within the lifeblood of Hollywood…

“The story they came up with was one focused on Starlight [Erin Moriarty] and the Deep (Chace Crawford) through an allegory for an actress facing a toxic masculine environment in Hollywood. Then, in October 2017, The New York Times published a story on Harvey Weinstein and the decades of sexual harassment and assault allegations against him. The show changed again.”

Typically, you can expect Centrists to justify and tongue-twist their way around the issues as if it’s not woke, but once you invoke #MeToo and accompany your storytelling to Left-wing propaganda, you’ve already lost me as a viewer.

Worse yet is that feminist talking points from the past have found their way into Amazon’s series. Entertainment Weekly explained how Eric Kripke completely rewrote Billy Butcher’s origin story to avoid utilizing a story trope that feminists call “fridging”, which technically doesn’t even exist and was only used once in a single Green Lantern issue but since the illiterate hags don’t read, they figured all comic books must be like that…

“Kripke wanted to also avoid “fridging,” which sees women being killed off as motivation for male heroes. ‘I acknowledge that it’s a cliché, but I have certain elements of my story that I’m locked into,’ he says. ‘It always nudged us a little in the writers’ room.’”

So for all of you who came here wondering if The Boys on Amazon was woke? Oh heck yeah… it’s woke.

Film Goblin also did a break down on the other woke elements of the show, including gender-swapping two key characters, race-swapping A-Train and The Frenchman, and turning Queen Maeve into a bisexual, even though she was completely heterosexual in the graphic novels, as revealed during Herogasm when she was telling Starlight about her intended sexual exploits with some young men at the hotel.

Either way, this is a hard pass from his here ‘ole chap. There are plenty of other games, movies, and literature out there to indulge into where no one who values their sanity, masculinity, or respect for Western values need to subject themselves to the conceited daydreams of Left-wing activists brought to life on a monitor near you.

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