The Hunt Trailer Practically Spoils The Entire Movie, Showing Who Lives And Who Dies
The Hunt (2019)

Hollywood has done a piss-poor job in marketing a lot of its movies. I suppose between the pizza parties with cheese and special sauce and all of the caked-up powder on donuts that they sniff instead of eat has rotted the core cognitive functions of the brain that allow them to exercise some semblance of restraint and foresight. That very statement couldn’t be anymore true when applied to the poorer-than-usual judgment exercised by the marketing department for Universal Pictures’ upcoming horror-thriller called The Hunt.

Now I’m a lot more open minded about movies than most people. I’m usually not too quick to tear a movie or game apart unless there’s just cause. In this case, however, my anger at the trailer and The Hunt stems more from the fact that Universal’s piss-poor marketers wasted a superb opportunity on a two and a half minute trailer that not only spoils the general gist of the entire plot, but it also gives away all of the major character deaths. Yes, it spoils the entire movie within two and a half minutes.

Watch it below if you don’t care about actually seeing The Hunt.

So just to recap what the movie is about: some rich douche bags capture normal American citizens and dump them into a hunting compound where some other rich douche bags hunt down and kill these American citizens. For sport, of course.

Now this is basically like Hostel meets The Condemned.

I have no problems with that.

I do have problems with the trailer revealing that rich douche bags keep people in the compound and hunt them down to kill them. I also have a problem with the trailer giving away all of the major character deaths like Dr. Pizza gave away free lessons in tampon insertions.

The Hunt - Guns

So you might have noticed that Justin Hartley of Smallville fame is featured in the trailer prominently up until his untimely death helping some chick escape from sniper fire. How does he die? Well, the trailer promptly shows him stepping on a mine and then being blown to pieces.

Great suspense there, Mr. Marketer. Totally makes me not want to see your movie knowing the only tough, heroic, straight white male gets aced early in the film.

The few remaining survivors trek out of the hunting zone and into a refugee camp (because of course) while the main character chick shoots and kills her way to the main villainess played by Hillary Swank.

The trailer ends with the main hero chick fighting Swank throughout her abode in typical good guy fashion.

It’s one of the most bullcrap trailers I’ve ever seen for a movie that had so much potential to be entertaining. Here’s how the trailer should have been cut:

The Hunt - Shotgun

Keep the entire intro sequence where main hero chick kills the two store owners. Show the part where she reveals that they aren’t in Arkansas.

DON’T reveal that it’s all an elaborate hunting game by rich dastards.

DON’T reveal that the main hero chick is actually the main hero because after she killed the store clerks the audience will be left confused and wanting answers. This is good.

Instead, cut to the group fleeing from the field and climbing the fence. Show them rushing and trying to survive but also show a clip of the black-clad man and woman with the compound bows shooting at them.

DON’T show that poor bastard getting hit with the arrows. Let the audience ponder on who got hit.

Show the scene of the main character chick throwing the guy out of the Mercedes and attempting to roll over his head.

Show the scene of the guy trying to escape the airplane but DON’T show him getting spiked in the eye.

The Hunt - Spiked

Show them running to get on the train.

Show them at the refugee camp.

DON’T explain what the camp is or why it’s there.

And for crying out loud DON’T show the main hero beating up the main villain.

That was easily one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen just because of how badly it ruined the movie. Unless there’s some kind of double-swerve (which I doubt will be the case) the marketers just completely, 100% ruined a movie I had otherwise might have been interested in seeing.

And even if the movie isn’t like what the trailer is, the trailer still reveals so much that otherwise would have been better left unseen that it leaves a sour taste in the mouths of those who saw it.

Thanks, Universal.

You should fire the marketing team that just ruined The Hunt ahead of its September 27th theatrical debut. I won’t be seeing the film since I’ve already seen everything there is to see in the trailer.


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