The Mandalorian Trailer Is Deceptively Enticing

Star Wars The Mandalorian

Disney+, the new streaming service from the film, television, and movie monopoly conglomerate is giong to usher in a number of new shows, one of which includes the highly anticipated and much talked about, The Mandalorian, from executive producer Jon Favreau, and starring Pedro Pascal. The official trailer for the series has dropped, and it’s deceptively enticing… hence, fans need to be on guard.

For many of us whose favorite character is Boba Fett, having read the books and the comics and watched all manner of fan-made short films, it’s easy to want to like The Mandalorian based on the minute and a half long official trailer. It’s dark, it’s brooding, it’s menacing, and yet it’s still chiefly Star Wars.

It’s quite easy to be enraptured with the visuals, taken in by the sounds, and laid into a soothing, hypnotic feeling of glee by the time it rolls to an end. However, once again, let me remind you to be on guard. Check out the trailer below.

The general gist of the first season is that it follows Pedro Pascal’s adventures through the outer rim, hunting down bounties, making cash, and interacting with all manner of persons, from the rascals and the scoundrels, to the soldiers and the killers.

Now while the show definitely looks good. There are already warning signs in the trailer alone.

Take note that there were no young, straight white males in the trailer anywhere… at all. NONE.

The only white male within the trailer was at the very end, and it was played by Werner Herzog. Whether or not he’s straight is completely up in the air, but it’s pretty clear who they didn’t want on the screen during the runtime of the trailer.

Instead we saw glimpses of Carl Weathers, Gina Carano, and Giancarlo Esposito as the officer heading up the Deathtroopers.

Star Wars The Mandalorian - Death Troopers

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic images featured in the trailer that give it the dark edge that many fans of the series probably found themselves drooling over, such as the shot of the speeder, the AT-ST moving through swamp, and that cool looking bar scene.

Heck, the opening shot of the destroyed Stormtrooper helmets with the spikes running through them was probably enough to get some people to fanboy out.

However, let me warn you again, this probably won’t be the kind of show you’re hoping for.

Star Wars The Mandalorian - Skull Troopers

So why do I say that? Well, way back during the Star Wars Celebration event in April, someone scooped some footage from the teaser, showing behind-the-scenes footage of the casting and the directors who will be heading up the episodes of the first season.

So why is that significant? Well, because it was revealed that Jon Favreau and Kathleen Kennedy specifically picked out “diversity” hires for each episode. This includes Bryce Dallas Howard, the daughter of famed director Ron Howard; Rick Famuyiwa, who has never directed a smash hit in his life; Deborah Chow, a television director whose only feature film is a completely forgotten drama no one has ever heard of; and of course there’s the Thor franchise destroyer, Taika Waititi.

They showcase the directors in the video that you can check out below, courtesy Netflix Buzz.

There’s also another big revelation: there’s a lot of fem-power on display.

Gina Carano is depicted as an equal to The Mandalorian, which you can scope out in the clips in the video above.

So yeah, they’re putting “diversity” ahead of quality.

Does it mean it will turn out bad? More than likely.

As we’ve seen from other “diversity” led projects, the results are almost universally never good. Look at Mass Effect: Andromeda or the Dishonored franchise as prime examples of putting “diversity” ahead of meritocracy. Both of those franchises ended up on the Get Woke; Go Broke master list.

Now I know some people are going to race to the defense of properties like Black Panther, which couldn’t scrape its way past mediocrity, or Get Out, which was basically bait-and-switch the movie; but again, those weren’t good films and will be long forgotten as history trots onward and upward.

Anyway, you can look for The Mandalorian to stream exclusively on the Disney+ service. But be on guard, it’s probably going to be poised to pozz you up in one way or another. This is Disney after all.

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