Tumblr Sold To WordPress Owner For Well Below $20 Million, According To Reports


Various reports have surfaced that Tumblr has been sold to Automattic Inc. According to the Wall Street Journal, after Yahoo purchased Tumblr back in 2013 for $1.1 billion, the value of the site has significantly decreased following the Verizon acquisition of Yahoo back in 2017, and the subsequent removal of NSFW content from Tumblr back in late 2018.

While the Wall Street Journal stated that the going price was undisclosed, according to Axios, however, the site was sold “well below” $20 million, while another source stated that it sold for less than $10 million.

The extremely low price tag for the sell-off of Tumblr caught the attention of Clownfish TV who did a video about it.

While we don’t know what the actual selling price was, it’s quite obvious that it was well below anything worth it’s original price, as indicated by the estimated sale figures discussed on Axios.

There’s been a huge drop-off in the userbase and engagement was down by 84 million views over the course of a quarter following the ban on adult content. No matter how much begging users did to bring back the NSFW content, the new owners refused. Under Automattic, the Wall Street Journal reported that they won’t be bringing back NSFW content either.

Following the news of the user decline and exodus after NSFW content got nuked, PornHub and Fakku publicly teased the idea of purchasing Tumblr and bringing back the NSFW content. However, nothing came of the talks and the discussion of selling Tumblr faded from view for a time, just until it was revealed that the owners of WordPress have purchased Tumblr.

While Tumblr definitely was woke and definitely went broke, unfortunately it’s still on life support for now. Once an announcement of closure takes place I would be more than happy to accommodate a spot for it on the Get Woke; Go Broke master life.

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