Twitter Users In The U.S. Are Mostly Female Democrats, According To Survey

Pew Research

New information from the Pew Research Center reveals that majority of Twitter users are Democrats, they’re mostly females, they spend all day on Twitter, and the top 10% of Twitter users make up for 80% of all the tweets published on the platform.

The report was published on August 24th, 2019 over on the Pew Research website, and it reveals pretty much what many of us already know: that majority of Twitter users are crazy cat ladies too unattractive to lure in a Chad so they waste all their time complaining about men and oppression on social media because no one in their waking life can be bothered to hear them ramble on for hours about how much their life sucks while they live it up on the poop-filled streets of San Francisco.

The most interesting parts about it is that out of the nearly 3,000 people they surveyed, they estimate 22% of all Americans use Twitter.

Majority of them are under 50, have a bachelors degree, and a sizable portion make over $75,000 a year. 64% also identify as white.

60% of the survey respondents also lean Left or identify with the Democratic party’s policies. YouTuber YellowFlash did a video about the survey, mocking the ridiculous people who live their lives on Twitter, typically creating misery for everyone else in society with their dribble.

It was revealed that very few Twitter users identify as “very Conservative” according to the research, which states…

“On an 11-point scale ranging from 0 (“very conservative”) to 10 (“very liberal”), 14% of Twitter users place themselves between 0 and 2, compared with 25% of the general public. At the same time, similar shares of Twitter users and U.S. adults identify as very liberal. And although Twitter users are somewhat more likely to report having voted in the 2018 midterm elections, these differences are relatively modest: 60% of Twitter users reported that they definitely voted in 2018, compared with 55% of all U.S. Adults.

If it also seems like these Left-leaning Democrats are flooding Twitter with nonsense and controlling conversation, it’s because they are.

According to the research, the bottom 90% of all tweeters only create about two tweets per month, favorites one post per month, and follows around 74 people or has around 19 followers.

The top 10% of Twitter users favorite around 70 tweets per month, which is on average just over two favorites a day, and they make about 138 posts per month, which means they’re tweeting about 4.6 times a day.

As noted in the Pew research report…

“By definition, the most active tweeters produce a large amount of content relative to the rest of the Twitter population. But the scope of these differences is profound. The median Twitter user posts just two times a month, but the most prolific 10% of Twitter users in terms of tweet volume produce a median of 138 tweets monthly. In fact, this analysis estimates that the top 10% of tweeters are responsible for 80% of the tweets created by all U.S. adults on Twitter.”

So at the end of the day, majority of Twitter in the U.S., is dominated by Left-leaning, crazy cat ladies who don’t go outside.

This is also why whenever you bring up a contentious topic you’re inundated with a bunch of crazy Lefties who can garner thousands of likes in a matter of hours for saying something stupid like “oof” or “this ain’t it, chief” or “yikes”, where-as when a normal person says a common sense thing it gets buried and forgotten. It’s because majority of the people using Twitter in the U.S., aren’t normal.

It all makes sense now.

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Han)

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