Ubisoft Says They Aren’t Taking Politics Far Enough In Their Games
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Ubisoft has been peppered with criticism by game journalists to shift the narrative of their games to the Left. Game journalists want more Left-wing propaganda, politics, subversion, and brainwashing to rear its head in Ubisoft’s titles, and despite many of their games favoring Left-wing talking points, the titles aren’t completely far-gone with out-and-out Liberal jargon. Well, Ubisoft’s vice president of editorial, Tommy François, acknowledged that the company hasn’t pushed far enough with the inclusion of politics in order to sate the whims of journalists.

GamesIndustry.biz picked out the relevant quotes from François, who told Kotaku…

“I do see that we’re being challenged on politics. It hurts me, because we know there’s a disconnect between where we want to take games years down the line and what we’re doing on a day to day basis.” […]


“I was annoyed by the fact that we weren’t given more forgiveness for not being perfect. We know that. We know we de-scope. We know we’re not taking it far enough.”

“Far enough” in which direction, though?

Kotaku expressed disappointment in François’ comments because they claimed he was being “defensive” and “vague” for not explicitly saying what they wanted him to say; for not basically running down the Right and denigrating Conservatives.

The narrative has been pretty flagrant and indubitably conspicuous by major media; they’re all Left-wing so you know exactly what sort of politics they want in games.

Whenever there’s something that could be remotely construed as Conservative – like the one mission-giver in Far Cry 5 – the media freaks out about it and condemns the developers for including such content.

They constantly harp on any depictions of characters that don’t adhere to far-Left ideological stereotypes, and repeatedly berate stories, characters, or plotlines that aren’t Left enough.

Ubisoft has been a regular target of major games media outlets because they’ve regularly opted to claim that their games are mostly apolitical, even though that’s not really true. Their games absolutely do lean Left, with typical depictions of the Left’s idea of “strong, independent, women of color” and ensuring that players are beat over the head with characters who at some point during the story proudly boasts about their LGBTQIA+ lifestyle.

Ubisoft even admitted that they rewrote historical depictions in Assassin’s Creed to better coincide with Left-wing sociopolitical viewpoints. Ubisoft even apologized to the Rainbow Reich after they threw a hissy fit because Kassandra in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey had to get pregnant to create the bloodline of Assassins that eventually would lead up to the original trilogy of games. Yes, Ubisoft apologized to lunatics for including the irrefutable reality of biological science in their game.

Yet these hints of throwing bones to the Left weren’t enough for Left-wing media. They want more.

It’s the classic give an inch, take a mile scenario.

And now one of editorial vice presidents is saying that they haven’t taken things far enough. Ubisoft has pretty much already stepped foot across the line into Left-wing territory. The only thing they’re missing at this point is a red flag with a yellow hammer and sickle on it. But given the current direction of today’s society, I wouldn’t doubt it if that appears as a prominent symbol for the “good guys” in one of their upcoming games.

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