Unfold Games Offers Tim Sweeney A Charity Deal Regarding The Epic Games Store Doing Away With Timed Exclusivity

In a recent series of events that have led to Unfold Games coming across a tweet by Tim Sweeney, where the latter congratulated the former regarding the success of Darq, the whole circumstance has turned into a deal of sorts. As of this writing, Unfold Games seeks to donate to any charity with any funds made on Epic’s platform if the storefront does away with the timed exclusivity deal.

YouTuber Coach Toolshed Gaming has a summary of the whole situation on Unfold Games and the Epic Games Store and the current situation that’s unfolding right before gamers and fans alike:

As of now, Sweeney tweeted out that the Epic team is happy to see Darq succeed since it’s a great game and it deserves success — hence Sweeney and crew contacting Unfold Games to explore exclusivity. However, Unfold Games pulled out an unsuspected offer that Sweeney has yet to answer to as of this writing:

The position that Unfold Games has put Sweeney and the Epic Games Store in is rather peculiar, insofar that if Sweeney and company accept to sell Darq on the Epic Games Store non-exclusively (prompting the devs to donate 100% of the profits from sales to charity) it will expose the flimsy timed exclusive excuse.

If Sweeney and team deny the deal, well that will look bad altogether.

Lastly, Cyberpunk 2077 is allowed to be on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, but for some reason, games like Darq aren’t allowed to be multiplatform. The recent deal by Unfold Games heavily underlines this Janus rule (two-faced rule) and puts the spokesman of the storefront in the spotlight on how the Epic Games Store operates.


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