Weekly Recap Aug 10th: Violent Game Censorship, 8chan Censorship, Ooblets EGS Drama
Weekly Recap

Censorship. That was the name of the game this week. After a double shooting spree in Dayton, Ohio by a Left-wing Antifa loon and a shooting in El Paso, Texas the censorship advocates went full retard and decided to target violent video games… again. This led to ESPN canceling an e-sports event for Apex Legends, as well as Walmart bringing down advertisements and display units of violent games at their stores for Xbox One and PS4 titles.

It didn’t end there, though. President Trump advocated for red flag laws, which would essentially flag down “potential” domestic terrorists with the help of social media services and local, state, and federal agencies. The gist of the measure is that agencies would monitor and attempt to prevent crimes before they even happen. Yes, we’re in some Minority Report levels of dystopian society, folks.

But it gets worse. 8Chan was targeted and brought down by Voxility and Cloudflare as the censorship cuckolds have moved in to restrict YOUR free speech. 8Chan had to retreat to Zeronet in response. These terrifying stories of censorship and more in this August 10th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Ooblets Devs Make A Mockery Of Themselves

The mainstream media managed to get Cloudflare to pull support from 8chan after they blamed the imageboard site for the recent shootings that took place in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. Republicans have also targeted video games again, claiming that their violence is what’s leading to these shootings. Creative Assembly has teamed up with Netease in hopes of penetrating the mainland audience in China, especially with Total War: Three Kingdoms. After finishing in the Top 8 of Soul Calibur VI, Kayane took the opportunity to spread some positivity and shade all in one go on Twitter, leading to a salty Twitter row involving gender politics. And speaking of fighting games, Riot is working on a brand new fighting game, but we have no idea what it’s called, what systems it’s going to be on, or what it’s going to be about. Yippee? And the Ooblets developers couldn’t help but keep digging their own grave by calling potential customers “toxic” and “baby gamers”. Worse yet? Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney backed them up on Twitter!


Trump Wants To Censor Games And The Internet

There’s no safety from the censorship police, whether it’s coming from the Left or the Left pretending to be the Right, it’s all enemies of freedom and enemies of gaming. This was best exemplified when President Trump targeted violent video games, saying they would be regulating them, along with having federal, local, and state agencies working with social media companies to censor content and utilize preventative measures to stop terrorists before they act; basically thoughtcrime prevention just like in Minority Report or China’s social credit facial recognition AI system. OAG’s Tony decided to do an editorial about video games not being to blame for violent crimes to quell some of the moral panic. Epic Games took aim at critics of their exclusivity deals and the developers who sell their souls for said deals. And PayPal has permanently restricted the Straight Pride Parade account, which actually translates into them not being able to make use of their PayPal account anymore.


Loot Box Reckoning Hits Nintendo, Microsoft, And Sony

The ESA has enforced the big three platform holders to include the odds of loot boxes for the games on their systems. This means that every publisher making games that are distributed on the platform will need to include those odds on their titles. Censorship continues to run rampant in big tech, with Amazon shutting down Gab’s investment sub-domain. And speaking of censorship, Reddit has quarantined the Left-wing sub-reddit Chapo Trap House. On the upside, at least there’s another addition to the Get Woke, Go Broke list, this time with X-Men’s Dark Phoenix joining the ever-expanding list. Walmart forces employees to take down signs and displays of video games featuring violence or shooting, especially on the PS4 and Xbox One in light of the recent shootings. And the mobile outing of Star Ocean: Anamnesis is scheduled to shut down this fall.


Omega Labyrinth Life On Switch Outsells PS4 Version

Sony ponies are crying into their bucket by the trough after news broke that Omega Labyrinth Life sold more than three times the amount on Nintendo Switch compared to the butchered and censored version of the game on the PS4. Valve is back to their old ways again, banning the all-ages version of the romance visual novel Loca-Love My Community Crush from Frontwing USA. Death Stranding is being rumored to be a multi-platform release after some gamers noticed that it’s no longer listed as a PS4 exclusive. 2K Games has furthered their intimidation tactics against YouTuber Supmatto because they claim that they’re trying to protect their property. And Epic Games and THQ are doing the bare minimum to combat loot boxes, but it ain’t much.


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