Weekly Recap Aug 17th: Google Blacklist Exposed, Hong Kong Embraces Pepe, Marvel Hires Quinn

Weekly Recap

It seems like each week brings a new form of cancer with it in Clown World that ushers in a new kind of groan-inducing pain to the denizens of our distorted and truly corrupt reality. Nevertheless, we enter and exit each week examining one ridiculous thing after another, and this week bore some interesting fruit insofar that while we still have to suffer through the grifting shenanigans of one Zoe Quinn – who managed to land a gig at Marvel working on Hellcat for one issue – we also saw some developments take place with Google involving the blacklists they claimed didn’t exist.

In fact, Project Veritas revealed that the blacklists weren’t just limited to websites on Google News, but there are also keyword blacklists on YouTube as well. In another surprising twist during the week, we saw that the Hong Kong protestors fighting for freedom and democracy adopted an unlikely champion in Pepe the Frog, and Epic Games could be facing a rather detrimental lawsuit due to the lack of disclosure involving hacked Fortnite accounts from late last year. These stories and more in this August 17th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Epic Games Class Action Lawsuit

There’s a class-action lawsuit that is currently building up against Epic Games over the Fortnite hack that took place last year. SMP Films has called it quits on YouTube after his channel lost about 96% of its views and revenue. Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot has said that they have plans on bringing back Splinter Cell, but they’re waiting for the right time. Gearbox has gone off the deep end, threatening to punish gamers who call FL4T a he or a him or whatever, because they say that the character is non-binary and therefore you must respect its pronouns. After being purchased for $1 billion back in 2013, Tumblr managed to sell to Automattic, the owner of WordPress, for less than $3 million.


Game Journalists Butthurt Over NBA 2K20 WNBA Memes

2K Games decided to sully an already tainted franchise by including the WNBA, and gamers rightfully meme’d the heck out of the piece of crap. Well, urinalists got butthurt (as usual) and began whining about the memes. One developer actually decided to mock the journalists for this, and added a “Urinalist” difficulty setting to his game Death, Love, and Carrots, which makes the character invincible and the game impossible to lose. The Smashboards for Super Smash Bros. has gone full SJW, implementing “Diversity & Inclusion” rules. an enhanced edition of System Shock 2 is supposedly coming soon, but given that Nightdive Studios still haven’t finished the original System Shock Remake, I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one. And Epic Games will have a trial version of Shenmue 3 available ahead of the game’s launch, but with all the negative press I doubt it will help much.

Zoe Quinn Hired By Marvel For Hellcat Comic

Zoe Quinn continues to fail and screw her way up the food chain of success, managing to land a gig writing at Marvel Comics on the “Fearless” anthology, specifically covering a one-shot of Hellcat. The Hong Kong protests have taken a meme-filled turn, with Pepe the Frog being used a symbol of peace and freedom on the streets. NetherRealm Studios has continued their Social Justice agenda, not content on ruining Jax’s lore, and tarnishing all of the female fighters’ sex appeal, their next victim has been Nightwolf, who appears as if he will be undergoing a gender-swap in Mortal Kombat 12. The legendary horror-romance visual novel Saya no Uta finally found its way onto Steam, but the product was heavily censored of any sexual material. Thankfully there’s an R18+ patch available off-site for The Song of Saya to bring the Steam version up to par with the original Jast USA version.


Google Website Blacklist Revealed

One of the blacklists that Google uses to suppress news content on Google News was outed to the public thanks to a whistleblower who brought the 950 pages worth of Google documents to the Project Veritas doorstep. The leaks revealed that hundreds of terms, sites, and content are being suppressed on Google’s products, including YouTube, which has a wide swathe of terms completely prohibited from turning up results thanks to their Twiddler algorithm. In slightly different news, Capcom, Combo Breaker and other FGC organizers have banned Gllty and other members of the FGC for sexual misconduct. A new Metro game is supposedly in the works, following the somewhat silent market performance of Metro: Exodus. Indie developer Unfold Games explained why DARQ isn’t an Epic Games Store exclusive, and it had to do with keeping promises.


Ubisoft Says They Know They Haven’t Taken Politics Far Enough In Their Games

The one thing most normal people don’t want is more politics in their games. The one thing game journalists want more of is Left-wing politics in their games. Well, after enough pestering and imposing from those worthless journalists, Ubisoft finally caved in and said that it’s true, they haven’t gone far enough with the politics in their games. And speaking of politics… Disney’s Mulan was dragged into the spotlight and put under a hammer of social media attention where #BoycottMulan began to trend when the lead actress voiced her support for the police in Hong Kong. Imgur was reportedly banned from the Google Adsense program over a policy violation, but Google refused to say what part of the policy they violated exactly. In more bad news for 8chan, owner Jim Watkins was subpoenaed to appear before the Homeland House Committee to answer questions about 8chan hosting “extremist” content. The live-action adaptation of Mortal Kombat due out in 2021 has race-swapped Mileena and now she’s black, much to the disappointment of fans. And Valve and Epic could get getting a little bit of competition in the form of My.Games, a new digital distribution storefront due out in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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