Weekly Recap Aug 31st: Ion Fury Vs ResetEra, Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Inclusive, FF8 Censored
Weekly Recap

Voidpoint couldn’t seem to catch a break with Ion Fury this year, from the Ion Maiden lawsuit to catch the ire of the mentally deranged psychopaths that inhabit ResetEra, At first Voidpoint stood their ground against ResetEra, but then 3D Realms stepped in and made them apologize, censored the game, forced the developers into “Diversity” training, which is basically a brainwashing initiative, and donated $10,000 to an alphabet soup charity.

But it gets worse. Voidpoint attempted to walk back the censorship after the review bombs started and made it like they were standing against the crazy people, but it turned out that they continued to censor the forums and discussions that brought up ResetEra, as well as continued to flag and ban reviews that were critical of Voidpoint and 3D Realms for bending the knee to ResetEra. So in the end, they really weren’t the anti-censorship people they claimed to be. And speaking of derangement… CD Projekt Red openly proclaimed that Cyberpunk 2077 was going to be their most “Inclusive” and “Diverse” game to date, while Square Enix censored the Final Fantasy VIII Remaster because apparently cleavage and seashell C-cups are haram in today’s society.

These clown stories and more in this August 31st, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Wolfenstein Devs Blame Right-Wingers For Failure

When people don’t like your game it must be the fault of those ebul Nazis! That’s pretty much what the developers of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are professing. They falsely claimed that Right-wing extremists have sullied the debate around sociopolitics online, and that they made it “problematic” to kill Nazis. With Voidpoint having bent the knee to ResetEra, some gamers have decided to poke fun at them with a soy mod. Censorship may be hitting the North American release of Lust for Darkness on the Nintendo Switch since the ESRB reportedly labeled the physical copy of the game Adults Only, so now SimFabric, the port house, are doing what they can to remedy the situation with a special edition. And speaking of ports, there’s an English fan-translation of Gin’iro Haruka that has been completed for the first route in the visual novel, so be sure to check that out if you’ve been hoping to get your hands on an English version of the visual novel.


Ion Fury Devs Feign Resistance To ResetEra

3D Realms and Voidpoint tried to throw the wool over the eyes of gamers, proclaiming that they would never censor their games again and that they were restoring the Ogay soap sprite. However, this gesture of goodwill was all a ruse, as they still censored the fagbag comment that was out of bounds, still censored the forums, still banned anyone who mentioned ResetEra, and still removed negative reviews pointing out that ResetEra was a hate forum. So basically anyone supporting Ion Fury at this point is supporting the suppression of free speech. In more awful news, WRC 8, Paranoia and Bee Simulator are all going to be Epic Games Store timed exclusives. The Xbox chief of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, has stated that Microsoft won’t be implementing any new censorship policies. And a survey has revealed that Twitter’s users are mostly comprised of female Democrats under 50… basically, a bunch of single, lonely, lazy cat-ladies.


Cyberpunk 2077 Sucks The Schlong Of “Inclusivity” And “Diversity”

I always said CD Projekt Red was fishing everybody along with Cyberpunk 2077 and that the game was geared toward the propagandists and the degenerates. Well, they finally revealed a part of their true face by saying that the game will be “really inclusive” and “diverse”, red flag keywords that are 100% of the time associated with SJWs. And speaking of SJWs, Hasan Piker, a resident SJW from The Young Turks, was temporarily suspended for joking about Dan Crenshaw and making crude comments about 9/11. Zoe Quinn made some allegations against one of the developers who worked on Night In The Woods and now that developer has been fired from the team, even though there’s zero proof he actually committed the acts that Quinn claimed he did.


Mixer Gets Woke

It was bound to happen; the writing was on the wall from the start. With Microsoft and the Xbox brand diving head-first into feminist ideological lingo, I don’t know why anyone thought Mixer would be safe from the long claws of degenerate Leftism. Well, a new community conduct policy was rolled out, and it’s laced with all the usual language, from “hate speech” to “toxicity” and all the other ridiculous newspeak phrases in between. Speaking of “toxicity”, Syberbolt has been rejected from being considered a verified content creator in Paladins because the executive producer claimed that he was… “toxic”. Unfold Games managed to trap Epic Games in a conundrum, challenging them to accept Darq on the grounds that all the proceeds would go to charity, meaning that if Epic denies the game on the Epic Games Store then they’re also denying proceeds to charity.


Ubisoft Shills For The Epic Games Store

Speaking of the Epic Games Store, Ubisoft was one of several companies to recently shill for the Epic Games Store, claiming that Steam’s 30% distribution fees were “unrealistic” in 2019, even though nearly EVERY major digital distributor and retail outlet takes 30% off the top of a sale. Ubisoft claimed that Steam’s 30% fee is why they’re no longer putting their games on Valve’s storefront, even though they continue to release games on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, iOS, and Android, even though they also take 30% in distribution fees. Despite ending up on the Get Woke; Go Broke Master List, Telltale Games was revived by LCG Entertainment and their assets, engine and intellectual property will be revived. Sega announced that Yakuza 7 is coming in 2020 for the PS4, first in Japan followed by a worldwide release. And popular image editing program, GIMP, was forked off into Glimpse because some snowflakes claimed that GIMP was “ableist”.


Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Gets Censored

The Final Fantasy VIII Remaster couldn’t escape the long dick of censorship, managing to get itself penetrated by the restrictive measures of Square Enix’s “Ethics Department”. The censorship includes a feathered skirt covering up Siren and Rinoa’s cleavage getting nerfed. On the bright side, there’s a retrospective on some cool Turbo Grafx 16 collectibles as well as a proper gamer and veteran out of Chicago who respects the industry more than the industry respects itself; feel free to check that out over on the Old School Gamer Magazine. In other good news, Zoe Quinn’s boy toy Alex Lifschitz ended up getting nuked by the #MeToo warhammer, becoming yet another addition on the ever-growing SJW sexual misconduct master list. And the Vic Mignogna case took an interesting turn, with Ron Toye and Sean Schemmel getting criticized for their hypocrisy in calling out Vic Mignogna while also devolving into using language and making gags that were far more lewd and uncouth than anything Mignogna’s done.


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