Weekly Recap Aug 3rd: ESA Dox Journalists, Gillette Goes Broke, YouTube Information Genocide

Weekly Recap

This was a really big week in news as far as censorship was concerned. A lot of circling of the wagons took place as a judge dismissed a federal case against the Washington Post for $250 million on behalf of Nicholas Sandmann. Meanwhile, YouTube has been expunging and effacing historical channels from the platform, from national anthem channels to folk channels to literal archival channels, all in an attempt to rewrite history.

All of the censorship that has been meted out this week by big tech was granted some small piece of levity when the Entertainment Software Association mistakenly doxed all of the journalists who attended E3 this year, providing people with plenty of hearty laughs and good cheers… expect a lot of free pizza deliveries to arrive on the doorsteps of certain journalists. Oh, and the best story of them all? Gillette losing $8 billion on their shave products after getting woke. These stories and more in this August 3rd, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Judge Waxes The Proverbial Balls of Washington Post

The judge presiding over the Nick Sandmann lawsuit against the Washington Post let the news outlet off easy, claiming that there was nothing nefarious about what they did, prompting to throw out Sandmann’s lawsuit. Actress Scarlett Johansson has stated that the Marvel Cinematic Universe future will be female, echoing the mantra of the kakistocracy responsible for killing Star Wars. Anime director Yasuhiro Takemoto was confirmed to be one among the dead in the Kyoto Animation fire, where 34 people perished, meaning that a lot of classic animes won’t be getting sequels under his watch. David Cage is planning on shifting Quantic Dream into a publishing role, which should prove to be interesting.


CJWs Target Steam… Again

Christian Justice Warriors are back at again, this time targeting Steam to censor their adult content. Opposite of those trying to censor content are those creating content for those who hate censorship, such as the H-scene laden visual novel Mein Waifu Is The Fuhrer, which has already become a big Kickstarter success. Players are abandoning Battlefield V in droves and the game has already become a den for cheaters. After Bethesda launched the Doom trilogy as a broken mess on home consoles, they had to go back and issue a fix for the games after screwing them up. Netflix’s take on The Witcher seems to keep getting worse and worse, this time with the showrunner trying to justify why they had to create a “diverse” cast for the show while also trying to make excuses why they’re erasing Polish culture. And the YouTubers Union has joined up with the union activist organization IG Metall in Germany in order to force YouTube to employ fair standards via the FairTube Campaign.


Twitter Finally Got Mombot

It finally happened… Twitter got Mombot. In other news, DC Comics is proving to be just as woke as Marvel by retconning Aqualad and turning him gay. Oh yeah, and they also have a bisexual Muslim character in Young Justice: Outsiders. And speaking of Marvel being woke, the company went and hired a racist Asian chick who proceeded to go on a deletion spree of her Twitter comments to cover for the fact that she’s still a racist semen-bucket. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic hopeful who has no chance in the frozen wastelands of Tartarus’ anus in becoming President, has decided to target Google and other big tech for their censorship monopoly. Despite Colin Moriarty and Chris Ray Gun being pretty much lapdogs for Leftism while pretending to be Centrists, even they were deemed too extreme for PAX West and their panel was outright cancelled.


YouTube Goes On A Termination Spree

While Liberal women go on slut sprees, and Conservative chicks go on shopping sprees, YouTube decided to go on a spree themselves, but it was all about decapitating channels, dismembering content, and decimating users from the platform by banning loads of content and channels within a week’s span. That includes Dero Volk’s channel, Dr. Ludwig’s historical songs, and even Soph’s account. Heck, even Swedish power metal wasn’t safe from censorship, along with a documentation channel for educating the masses about 19th and 20th century world history called CriticalPast, which was also terminated. The Battle Royale fad may be coming to an end. The Mavericks battle royale title wont’ see the light of day due to the developers running out of dosh before release. Epic Games Store has claimed MechWarrior 5 as an exclusive, along with Ooblets. Only the Ooblets developer decided to mock and ridicule gamers for selling out to Epic Games.

ESA Doxes 2,000 Game Journalists

Thousands of game journalists got doxed. The story broke by Sophia Narwitz, who informed the wider community about the issue. But it wasn’t because of some rogue hacker angry with all of the ridiculous coverage or attacks against gaming culture that executed the dox. No, it was because some diversity hire at the Entertainment Software Association accidentally uploaded an Excel file with all the names, home addresses, and contact information of all the E3 attendees, and didn’t even bother to encrypt the file! In other news, YouTube has continued the censorship campaign, this time targeting a meme account with half a minute subscribers called Fainted. South African director Neill Blomkamp is fixing to bring back RoboCop in his film RoboCop Returns and he has plans on reviving the original suit from Paul Verhoeven’s classic. After a week of feeling dejected and despondent over the supposed closure of Exhentai and Sad Panda, it turns out that the site may not be dead after all and it’s been revived for the time being. Oh, and it turns out that Mombot wasn’t suspended from Twitter due to a flagging campaign, but it was actually due to a DMCA strike by Sony. Crazy, huh?

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