Winds of Change, Furry Adventure Game Graduates Early Access August 21st
Winds of Change

Tall Tail Studios announced that their furry, 2D adventure role-playing title, Winds of Change, will finally graduate from Early Access and launch in full on Steam starting August 21st next week.

The game originally entered into Early Access back in March of 2018, and the developers stated that they would stay in Early Access until the game was finished. Well, it appears the game will be finished come next week.

The developers had to add storyline content, voice-acting, and fixes to the visual novel aspects of the game. The story takes place over the course of episodes broken down into five acts.

You’ll take on the role of the seer of Valinorth, and attempt to heal the conflicts that are tearing apart the land.

This is like peak furrism.

The game features a non-linear approach to the story, which has parallel chronological advancements, where the world continues to advance and more forward regardless of what you’re doing.

As you build up the rebellion to retake the land, you can acquire party members and development relationships with your party.

You can also take on loyalty quests after advancing your bond with your party members to a certain degree.

And, of course, since this is a furry game there’s obvious romance options available among the six different party members that go both ways, which means there is gay furry romance.

I can almost feel the degeneracy emanating from the Twitter’s furry fandom as they yiff into the digital etherverse.

Winds of Change features full voice-acting from a cast of characters who have contributed to Fairy Tail, One Punch Man, Persona 5 and Fire Emblem to name a few.

I imagine a lot of Tumblr refugees will be stockpiling the review section of Winds of Change once the full version launches on August 21st. For more info you can visit the Steam store page. For everyone else? Ready the flamethrowers.


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