YouTube Bans Various Mister Metokur Videos For Community Violations
Mister Metokur

The censorship rallies continue. This time Mister Metokur, the artist formerly known as the Internet Aristocrat, was hit with a variety of community strikes on old videos he produced years ago. These videos are now no longer available for viewing, but Metokur’s channel is still up… for now.

The news was spotted by Kotaku In Action 2, who made a brief post about Metokur’s misfortunes on YouTube. The content creator wrote out a lengthy post on his YouTube channel on August 26th, 2019 explaining what happened and how he’s giving up on the YouTube dream. You can read his statement below…

“So I woke up today to a few videos that were yanked on my Youtube with the typical warnings about rules violations. But what makes it even more insane are the choices. The We wuz kangs video which was pretty popular and aimed at laughing at the Kemet and Black Israelite communities and had been up for about three years. I tried appealing it and within maybe 15 minutes got a response saying the strike was valid and the video wouldn’t be reinstated. The other video was a minute long in length with me dubbing Jontron back into Yooka-Laylee. At that point I stopped trying.


“My ability to do videos on Youtube is pretty much done at this point. Walking a tightrope of what is allowed for humor or politics and what isn’t is maddening and basically just kills any drive I have. For the past 6 or so months I’d have a good idea for a video or even a series and then inevitably realize there isn’t any conceivable way it’ll fly on the platform. It sucks and it’s soul draining. You either gimp what you would make or make nothing at all. And the entire time you are dealing with that conundrum you are watching as channel after channel is picked off around you.”

It’s true. If you attempt to watch some of these videos you’ll find that they’re no longer available. From the Mister Metokur sub-reddit, you’ll find a link to his “We Wuz Kangz” video, but the video is now gone. Why? For “violating YouTube’s terms of service”.

Thankfully the sub-reddit has archived his content on a Google Drive link.

How long will the link be active? Well, that’s anyone’s guess.

In the original YouTube comment, Metokur went on to say that he’s moving to Bitchute and that he feels it’s about that time to call it a day on YouTube…

“I started up a bitchute and dlive to use as alternatives because it’s been more than apparent now for the past year that times have changed. I wanted alternatives in place to use when it got bad. I think it’s about at that point now. I know that using alternate platforms lacks the luster of bigger sites because they can be glitchy, lack features, and don’t have the same ease of use and access larger sites do but there isn’t much of a choice.


“My solution to Youtube was purging it myself. I mean you can’t strike down what isn’t there and at this point I just don’t have the energy to fuck around with this strike/appeal/strike/appeal bullshit anymore. From this point forward I’ll put up trailer videos announcing new videos or streams on the youtube channel but the main videos themselves will be on bitchute. You’ll have to give me a few days to start moving things over to the Bitchute channel; though I have already uploaded Tumblrims, Deviant’s, and Internet Insanity over there a little while ago. The channel link is:…


“I couldn’t tell you what brought on the newest round of flagings. Take your pick, I’ve mocked countless groups. For all I know Google just decided it was my time.”

What’s interesting is that this comes just a week after Mister Metokur, who usually is referred to as Jim, was temporarily suspended from the livestreaming service Dlive for about 45 minutes because he was discussing a YouTuber’s commentary on a sex tape that leaked. His account was restored, however, but not his faith in Dlive.

Nevertheless, we’re seeing the end of an era unfold in real-time across the YouTube landscape, and it’s just a matter of time before any and everyone who stands against the propaganda machine heading into the 2020 elections will be wiped clean from YouTube’s slate, one way or another.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out Mister Metokur’s content over on his Bitchute channel.


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