YouTube Terminates CriticalPast’s Historical Educational Channel For “Hate Speech”

CriticalPast Banned

YouTube has terminated the historical educational channel CriticalPast, and has refused to restore the account. This is all part of YouTube’s sweeping censorship of historical content related to anything dealing with mid-20th century references to Europe, especially Germany.

The channel CriticalPast contained clips, archived footage, and imagery from the late 19th century up to the late 20th century.

If you visit CriticalPast’s website you’ll see that the site has lots of historically relevant archival footage documenting rarely before seen looks at human culture in during the recent past.

If you attempt to visit the YouTube channel for CriticalPast you’ll be met with a notice telling you that the channel doesn’t exist.

You can see that all the playlist content containing CriticalPast videos have been scrubbed off of YouTube.

It was revealed that YouTube had terminated the account in a Facebook post made on July 30th, 2019 by CriticalPast.

In the post they wrote…

“As many of you are aware, YouTube has embarked on a campaign to rid its platform of hate speech, but is removing important research and educational channels in the process. CriticalPast has just been removed by YouTube, and our appeal for reinstatement has been dismissed. If you want CriticalPast to return to YouTube, please tweet your thoughts to @TeamYouTube”

They link to an article from Business Insider that was published on June 10th, 2019 talking about how in YouTube’s new community guidelines to exterminate “supremacy” content for “hate speech” that they’ve been wiping out a lot of educational channels and content in the process. Just like with CriticalPast, some of these channels were designed purely for historical reference, but YouTube denied the appeals for reinstatement.

Scott Allsop, a Romanian teacher who was affected by YouTube’s censorship, told The Guardian

“It’s absolutely vital that YouTube work to undo the damage caused by their indiscriminate implementation as soon as possible. Access to important material is being denied wholesale as many other channels are left branded as promoting hate when they do nothing of the sort.”

This is true.

YouTube has terminated a number of historical accounts just in the last couple of days, in addition to CriticalPast. Dr. Ludwig’s historical folk song channel was terminated, along with Dero Volk’s national anthem archive. They’ve also targeted music videos featuring World War II archival footage.

All of this content was banned after YouTube labeled it as “hate speech”. The term has become a flexible go-to reason for the company to remove basically any sort of material they don’t like, even if it’s completely harmless. YouTube is basically playing fast and loose with censorship.

However, this is all part of their intent on rewriting history and socially engineering people to adopt the kind of ideological worldview that they’re pushing through the channels that they promote to the masses.

Democrats in the U.S., and Leftists across social media continue to say that there is no agenda and that this isn’t censorship, but anyone who has been following Alphabet’s current course of action, along with the rest of big tech, can clearly see exactly what they’re doing.

They’ve already been caught acknowledging that they are manipulating search results and content for the purpose of rigging the 2020 elections, and a former employee also outed that YouTube has manipulated the search results for the Federal Reserve following complaints from a Left-wing journalist, as reported by Breitbart.

The big question is: how much more of our history will need to get scrubbed from the internet before something is done to stop the despots in big tech?

(Thanks for the news tip Dr. Ludwig)