Zoe Quinn Hired By Marvel For Hellcat’s Fearless Story

Fearless 3 Hellcat Zoe Quinn

After Hellcat had a 81% year-over-year sales decline way back in 2017, Marvel cancelled the comic. Comics don’t stay cancelled for long, though. The company is intent on using its brands to push Left-wing propaganda, and so they decided to relaunch Hellcat within a limited run anthology called “Fearless”, featuring an all-female cast of Marvel’s characters written by female authors. And who did Marvel bring on to pen one of the issues in the series? Zoe Quinn.

Marvel.com posted an interview with the authors of the anthology. Fearless #1 was penned by Seanan McGuire, Leah Williams, and Kelly Thompson. Fearless #2 was also penned by Seanan McGuire, along with Karla Pacheco. Zoe Quinn is penning Fearless #3, which features the character Hellcat, and Fearless #4 is being written by Trina Robbins and Tini Howard.

In the short news piece Quinn talked about working on the project, saying…

“What I love about Hellcat is how she’s been through hell, literally, and instead of being bitter or mean, she’s still sweet and cares more about helping people than she does punishing them. It’s been really fun to write for her because in addition to her own awesomeness she’s got this really excellent supporting cast of other really relatable street-level supers, gig economy workers, and actual dang demons.”

As pointed out by Bounding Into Comics, this isn’t Quinn’s first rodeo with comic books. She was previously brought onto the DC Comics’ Vertigo brand for Goddess Mode, which didn’t sell very well at all, and eventually DC closed down the Vertigo brand after the relaunched comics got woke and went broke.

Bounding Into Comics noted that IDW Publishing – also known for diving into Left-wing propaganda despite losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in doing so – brought on Zoe Quinn to pen a one-shot of the The Addams Family comic.

Basically, all the big comic book publishers are cycling through the incestuous nature of promoting ideologues identical to the way Quinn was rotated through the gaming industry.

Quinn was the catalyst for #GamerGate getting underway back in 2014 when gaming journalists decided to circle the wagons and defend Quinn while trying to cover up for the misdeeds and corruption of journalists. They were all exposed eventually as being part of a group known as the Game Journo Pros, using their influence and stature within the industry to hire, fire, and blacklist people they didn’t like.

Despite all of that corruption being aired out, and Quinn’s ties to it – along with starting up Crash Override Network, which was later revealed to have been involved with harassing and doxing people and Quinn admitting to sabotaging the Polaris Game Jam – the journalists continued to defend her. In fact, people even contributed $85,000 to a Kickstarter campaign where she never delivered the game people paid for, and instead used the money to go on a trip to Japan.

Somehow, despite all of these controversies, corruption antics, and failing to deliver on the Kickstarter project, Quinn is still landing gigs at the major comic book publishing companies after wreaking havoc within the electronic entertainment sphere.

It should make most people sick to see that corruption is being promoted, celebrated, and awarded within the major media industries, but most people are too brainwashed by Left-wing propaganda to speak out against it. Just another symptom of Clown World.

(Thanks for the news tip CZ)

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