After-H, Free-To-Play VR Multiplayer FPS Heads To Steam September 23rd

French gaming outfit, SmartVR Studio, announced that After-H is prepping to release on Steam for the HTC Vive, Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headsets, and the Oculus Rift starting September 23rd.

The free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter is set within a virtual reality universe where players take up arms, join a squad, and do battle in PvP arenas to see who has the best reflexes, trigger finger and aim.

There are a set of maps that support up to eight players, with 4-vs-4 battles that unfold across three different game modes, utilizing a variety of different weapons to get the job done. You can also customize your character skin and weapon skin before heading into the play field. A new launch trailer was rolled out to give you an idea of what the gameplay is like.

I have to be honest, the game looks kind of fun. Usually whenever I see “VR” in a tagline or e-mail header I groan and pass over it, but I thought the gameplay looked solid in the trailer, and I liked that they have anatomical player-characters instead of a floating head with disembodied hands.

The character physics look a little wonky when they get shot, but the Halo-esque aesthetic and Call of Duty-centric weapons seems to give it enough of an affable hook to make this Frankenstein FPS come across as a potentially worthwhile play experience.

The Early Access run will start off with three maps, three maps, three game modes, and basic character and weapon skins, along with multi-language support, and the ability to create and join multiplayer games.

The full version of After-H will include additional weapons, more maps, more biomes, and more gameplay features such as abilities, tactical skills, and even social interactions such as emotes and whatnot.

You can learn more about After-H or add it to your wishlist by visiting the Steam store page.


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