Alaric Müller’s Sing With Karl YouTube Channel Terminated For “Hate Speech”

Historical music channels have been getting the boot from YouTube aggressively since June. YouTube has been banning these channels under the nebulous reason of “hate speech”, which seems to mean anything related to white, European history. Another historical channel has been terminated, this time it was Sing With Karl (or Schowers) byAlaric Müller.

The channel is no longer accessible.

If you attempt to visit the Alaric Müller channel you’re met with the following message.

Alaric Müller was known as Sing With Karl for a while and then he changed the channel name to Schowers, as indicated by the Social Blade profile.

The channel was known for hosting classic German and World War II-related music.

While the channel has been wiped out, there are archives of Schowers’ music.

You’ll see some of Schowers’ channel music on the search page. There’s also 54 videos that have been saved from the channel by Alt Censored.

Now unlike Dr. Ludwig’s channel and the Dero Volk channel that were terminated for hosting historical European songs, Schowers’ channel had a few more spicier videos in his archive, including a video titled “Rabbi Admits White Genocide Is The Goal”.

YouTube obviously doesn’t like content like that and moved to shut it down. Basically any combination of European history, Nazi imagery, or content themed around white genocide, or Jews will likely get your channel terminated, which is what happened to American Krogan.

YouTube had boasted about having terminated 17,000 channels recently for “violating” their community standards, many of which they terminated under the guise of “hate speech”, which has quickly become a euphemism for wrongthink.

Big tech continues its censorship brigade while the U.S., government twiddles its thumbs. It’s a shame how much history we’re losing due to authoritarian technocrats, but this is the future that Leftists wanted.

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