Another World And Flashback Double Pack Retail Release Arrives Nov 21st

Another World

Microids, Dotemu, and The Digital Lounge announced that a double-pack featuring Another World and Flashback will be released together for the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, and the PlayStation 4 starting November 21st this fall.

The double pack will feature the content from the 20th anniversary edition of Another World, also known as Out of this World. Eric Chahi’s title will feature the game in full HD on the current generation of home consoles, along with three different difficult settings, the ability to swap between the original effects and soundtrack or the remastered effects and soundtrack, along with updated HD visuals.

This was easily one of my most revered games of the 1990s. The soundtrack was out of this world (pun intended), and it was one of the few games back in the day with a leitmotif that rivaled what you might have heard from a major motion picture.

The gameplay was the same as the other game in the package, Flashback, which relied on side-scrolling platforming and some laser-oriented gun battles.

I liked both games for different reasons, but I was always more of an Out of this World kind of guy, it reminded me a lot of the point-and-click adventure game from Delphine called Future Wars.

Another World and Flashback

In any case, Flashback comes with fully remastered sound and music, an all new rewind function, a street art gallery, an in-game jukebox, a cutscene gallery, and the ability to play the director’s cut version of the game.

The two-for-one retail package will be available at select retailers for the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch starting November 21st.

Whether you’re new to gaming or you’re looking to preserve some of gaming history, this definitely worth picking up over a lot of the other schlock that comes out for home consoles these days.

Introduce your kids to quality entertainment like this, and they’ll never stop thanking you.

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