Atelier Ryza Battle Trailer Outlines Fatal Drive, Team Tactics, And Difficulty Settings
Atelier Ryza

Gust’s Atelier Ryza is scheduled to launch soon, and so just ahead of its release Koei Tecmo rolled out a promotional video to highlight the game’s battle system and give gamers an idea of how the combat works, what sort of attacks they can utilize, and what sort of skills they’ll be able to master.

The video is barely two minutes long, but it gives a quick overview of how the team battle tactics operate and how you utilize the command prompts to execute combos, magic attacks, and each character’s abilities.

Battles are active-time based, where characters and enemies will carry out their attacks even if the player does nothing. You can, however, organize attacks using action orders to prioritize who attacks what and when.

You can see how the battles play out with the trailer below.

As you attack enemies you build up action points, which can then be used to perform certain skills.

The more AP you build up the more devastating attacks you can perform. As demonstrated in the video, this includes cinematic attacks that dish out massive damage, all while you get to see characters like Ryza jiggle in all the right places while performing said attack.

Also, speaking of camera shots… it’s nice how the camera director made sure that in between selecting attacks and setting up skills, players are constantly getting a nice, awesome upshort-shot of Ryza’s thighs and butt.

During the special skills we get some good shots of Ryza’s cleavage as well, and during her initial actions her boobs wooble a bit. It’s nice.

When you rack up enough AP you can then execute a Fatal Drive to really drive home some damage to an enemy.

There’s even a difficulty selector for game journalists, so that if you’re having a Dean Takahashi moment, you can just whittle down that difficulty setting and play through the game in pure urinalist mode.

You can look for Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout to launch on October 29th, 2019 for the PS4, the Nintendo Switch and on Steam for PC.

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