Beauty And Violence: Valkyries Lets You Make A Super Hot Waifu And Kill A Bunch Of Monsters
Beauty and Violence Valkyries

Sex and violence sells. It’s been that way for ages. Most Western gaming studios forgot this and are trying to chase after a phantom audience by attempting to indoctrinate them with this ridiculous notion that women need to be ugly and men needn’t be masculine. Well, L2 Game Studio decided to head in the complete opposite direction of that failed philosophy with their upcoming action-RPG called Beauty and Violence: Valkyries.

The new game was announced with a debut trailer as well as having a Steam page setup to give gamers an idea of what sort of gameplay features they can expect from the title, which is due to drop at some point in October, 2019.

The core concept of the game centers around players creating their very own Valkyrie using an in-depth character creator, and then heading out into the harsh world to rip, tear, gut, and cleave monsters spread out across the land.

You can check out the announcement trailer below.

As depicted in the trailer, players will start by creating their waifu… also known as a Valkyrie.

You’ll choose from a skin tone, hair-style, face-type, and her makeup, along with nail and toenail colors, if you’re into that.

From there you’re able to modify all sorts of options for the Valkyrie’s body, including six different categories for her body shape, how toned she is, how thin she is, or how voluptuous she is. The options are all designed so that you can make your Valkyrie as sexy as possible, without worrying about making any of those abominations that were present in brainwashing games like Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The character creation tools focus on the most important aspects of the female warriors, specific how they’re shaped, how curvaceous they are, and how you can design their boobs, whether they’re perky or pointed, or even the diameter of her breasts.

Basically you can modify every important inch of your waifu to make her look the way you want her to.

Once you get in the actual game, a lot of the armor and attire are attuned to accentuate the lines of your femme fatale.

Lots of sheer clothing are present, along with variations of bikini armor, so your Valkyrie is always just barely clothed.

The lighting and character models look good so far, and they’re definitely designed to lure in the leering attention for the majority of male gamers.

Combat wise? Well, the game could use a heck of a lot of work. The animations aren’t terrible but the AI is quite stilted and stupid, and the hit reactions from the player-character are practically nil.

Of course, Beauty and Violence: Valkyries is a work-in-progress title from an indie studio. So it’s expected to have some rough edges here and there.

Hopefully they can iron out the kinks, keep the babes looking kinky, and offer gamers something that’s both sexy and solid when it comes to the visuals and gameplay, potentially making it a prime candidate to elevate and evolve Boner Culture.

You can keep track of the development of Beauty and Violence: Valkyries by visiting the Steam store page. The hack-and-slash, action-RPG is due out in October this fall.

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