Black Christmas Remake Trailer Is Filled With Spoilers And Woke Feminism

Black Christmas

How do you manage to not only promote a movie being woke but also spoil the entire plot of the film along with most of the character deaths? Well, you do what Blumhouse did by releasing a spoiler-filled trailer that’s all about feminist empowerment.

A lot of people are reluctant to call out woke propaganda lest they be labeled as an “ist” or partaking in an “ism”, but those people are cowards. The reality is that a lot of new movies and games these days are filled with woke nonsense, and the upcoming remake of Black Christmas fits the bill to a ‘T’.

The film’s description basically says it all, as reported by Indiewire. The synopsis reads…

“Hawthorne College is quieting down for the holidays. But as Riley Stone (Poots) and her Mu Kappa Epsilon sisters… prepare to deck the halls with a series of seasonal parties, a black-masked stalker begins killing sorority women one by one. As the body count rises, Riley and her squad start to question whether they can trust any man. … Whoever the killer is, he’s about to discover that this generation’s young women aren’t about to be anybody’s victims.”

Oh boy.

Well, if you think that’s bad, check out the trailer below.

Surprisingly it’s not being downvoted into oblivion but the commenters are at least not brainwashed enough to know that the trailer spoiled the entire movie practically from start to finish.

The trailer reveals that Cary Elwes, one of the teachers at the college, is running the cult-like fraternity; and the boys under Elwes are apparently the killers.

They perform ritual sacrifices to keep and maintain the order of their sect.

The heinous murders forces the girls to join up and work together to kill the evil males at the fraternity, led by the maniacal teacher.

The end of the trailer makes it known that it’s all about girl power and kicking the butts of the bloodthirsty, straight white males.

Black Christmas - The Wrong Sisters

But wait… it gets worse!

It turns out that this Black Christmas remake – which is actually the second remake of the 1974 classic, following on the heels of a poorly received 2006 remake – is actually a diversity hire project.

At the top of the Indiewire article, they explain…

“Jason Blum is finally putting his money where his mouth is. After an unfortunate gaffe about the dearth of women horror directors landed him in hot water late last year, the producer backed actress-turned-filmmaker Sophia Takal’s third feature, a remake of Bob Clark’s 1974 horror classic ‘Black Christmas.’”

What’s the gaffe they’re referencing? Well, back in 2018 Jason Blum responded to queries about why they didn’t produce any horror movies with female directors under the Blumhouse label. At the time, Blum stated…

“We’ve always been trying. There are not a lot of female directors period, and even less who are inclined to do horror.”

Like a good pet monkey caught throwing feces out of its cage, Blum later apologized… even though what he said is true.

I mean, Female horror directors are about as common as a Nigerian prince who actually delivers the $10 million they promised in their e-mail.

But the kicker here is that they’ve got everything working against them for this remake. A bunch of diversity hires for the cast, a diversity hire for the director, and they even managed to spoil the entire film through the trailer. If I didn’t know any better it almost seems like Jason Blum’s way of sabotaging the film so it can end up on our Get Woke; Go Broke master list. Not that I would complain.

Anyway, you can look for Black Christmas remake – in all its feminist empowered glory – to hit theaters on October 24th, 2019 this fall.

(Thanks for the news tip Guardian EvaUnit02)

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