Black Desert Online PS4 Launch Accompanied By Live-Action Megan Fox Trailer
Black Desert Online Megan Fox

Regardless of all the game’s problems, no one can ever say that Pearl Abyss doesn’t know how to market Black Desert Online to its core demographic. That fact is exemplified with jaw-dropping enjoyment courtesy of their latest launch trailer for the PS4 edition of the popular MMO.

What makes the trailer jaw-dropping? Well, the leggy Megan Fox – made popular thanks to Michael Bay’s awful Transformers films – stars in the minute long piece, where she does little more than walk up a dusty hill and transform into one of the hot 3D chicks from the game.

The highlight is that we get to see Fox in some cutoff shorts and a tight, white tee-shirt. You can check out the trailer below.

It’s kind of a shame that she didn’t lift up the hood and give us a recreation of that iconic scene from the first Transformers where she fiddled around inside Bumblebee’s nether regions while wearing a mini-skirt and a cropped top. But sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

Anyway, beyond Fox looking foxy, there’s nothing else going on in the trailer other than a few clips of the game’s in-engine visuals. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.

However, banking on a hot celebrity that likely has a stockpile of images in a three letter folder on most guys’ hard drives that starts with the letter ‘F’ isn’t a bad way to put eyes on your product.

Black Desert Online - Megan Fox

It’s too bad the overall sex appeal of Fox’s appearance in the Black Desert Online trailer is almost undermined by the afternoon special speech that she gives in the behind-the-scenes video that was posted back on August 30th, 2019, where she talked about how the game could be used to be inspirational to young girls who are looking to explore their “true self”.

It’s always funny hearing about becoming your “true self” from a celebrity who gets paid to be everyone else but themselves.

Anyway, the PS4 version of Black Desert Online has launched on the PS4 for $29.99. There’s also a deluxe edition available for $49.99 and an ultimate edition for $99.99.

A lot of gamers are angry that Pearl Abyss wasted so much money hiring in Megan Fox for a commercial that could have gone towards paying to fix more of the game’s pressing issues and balancing problems rather than have a hot celebrity prance around in the sweltering desert heat in cut-off denim shorts and a tiny little tee-shirt. Then again, I’m pretty sure the directors and Pearl Abyss staff who were on set didn’t see it as a waste of money… not at all.


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