Catherine: Full Body’s Changes Still Weren’t Enough For ResetEra

Catherine Full Body

ResetEra’s ability for censorship is efficacious. Nearly every time they whine and yell for a game to be censored, the publisher responds, almost as if by command. One game that was subject to their pleas for censorship was Atlus’ Catherine: Full Body, which made two changes to the game’s text, according to early reports, including changing a character’s name in the credits as well as modifying a side-conversation. However, these changes weren’t enough for the not-so-fine folks at ResetEra.

There’s a spoiler-heavy Medium post by Syrenne McNulty that covers the content that ResetEra felt was controversial in Catherine: Full Body, giving you the full gist of what’s there, what’s changed, and why.

Now this all started with a campaign from ResetEra earlier this year where they claimed that Catherine: Full Body was “transphobic”, and that led to one of the voice actresses responding by saying that the localizers would adjust the game to address the “bigotry”.

For reference, the side-dialogue change happens between Erica and Vincent, as noted in a tweet by JPUncut.

According to Naughty Gaming, one of the scenes that people feared would be changed involving a certain character, was not changed. You can see that the new ending from the Japanese version has stayed exactly the same in the English version of the game. Obviously there are some spoilers in the video below.

Even still, Atlus kowtowed to some of the complaints by modifying text in the credits and a side-conversation, but it still wasn’t enough to sate the oscillating rage that echoed throughout the ResetEra threads, which became embedded into the fabric of the forum’s soul like the matted fur of a dead rat in a washing machine.

User Lozange kicked off a Catherine: Full Body thread with a Hail-Mary of hate, focusing some laser-guided guilt at Atlus like Tom Brady cutting through the Atlanta Falcons in the fourth quarter at Super Bowl LI, writing…

“[…] To add on a quick addendum, there’s gonna be someone reading this. Maybe they’ll post, maybe they won’t. But they’ll be thinking “Is ___ REALLY trans? Are you sure they’re not cis/a crossdresser/a story related thingy that sidesteps the issue entirely?”, or some other form of denial that seemingly renders the conversation moot. To that, I say this. Even if you’re right (which I don’t think you are), there’s too much trans imagery going on here, with Atlus’s history with queer subject matter being historically terrible (Persona 3 beach scene, Persona 4 in general, Persona 5 beach scene, Original Catherine in general), to give Atlus the benefit of the doubt. Even if they’re trying to sidestep the issue, if they truly cared, this is not how they should have written the story. This isn’t a one off comedy scene that they didn’t care about any more, this is the focus of the new character’s narrative.


“They knew what they were doing.


“And they did it badly.


“I won’t be buying the game, partially because I don’t want to support this bullshit, partially because I know this would *actually* ruin the game for me. I hope this thread is informative to those who need it. Trans rights!”

From there, the thread breaks down into the typical complaints about the game not being woke enough, not being considerate enough; the staff not being sensitive enough; not being inclusive enough; not being diverse enough, and the whole gamut of typical word salad silliness that the forum is known for.

The hilarity of all this is that ResetEra had tried to get a campaign going to shame Atlus director Katsura Hashino into censoring his content.

It’s safe to say that their attempt to get Hashino to kneel to their demands didn’t go over well, and it was one of the few times their cancel-culture antics went nowhere.

However, the forum is still seething with rage that what changes Atlus did make to Catherine: Full Body didn’t align with what they wanted.

Basically, the moral of the story is that bending the knee to outrage culture won’t win you any points with the people outraged.

Atlus never should have made any changes to the game whatsoever, especially not at the behest of self-loathing people emanating their rage from places like ResetEra.

Much like the Ion Fury debacle, the only thing that happens is that the people who would have bought your game get pissed off and pass it up because they find out it’s censored, and the people who asked for the censorship don’t buy the game because they never had any intentions of buying it from the start.

Anyway, Catherine: Full Body is currently available right now for PS4 in North America, Europe and Japan.

(Thanks for the news tip Ebicentre and Lyle)