Crossout Update Adds Chemical Plant, New Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Vehicle
Crossout Update

Targem Games recently updated Crossout, the PvP-oriented, build-and-battle, post-apocalyptic vehicular multiplayer game. The update contains a brand new map, a new armored car, and various fixes for the game.

Patch 0.10.80 was detailed with a brand new overview trailer that briefly covers what new content has been added to the game and some of the updates gamers can look forward to in Crossout.

The new vehicle is part of the Horsemen of Apocalypse and it’s called Pestilence.

This mean machine is a supped up four-wheeler with exhaust coming out of places it shouldn’t and armor in all the places where it needs it.

The thing is armored up with two toasty flamethrowers in the front and back for maximum coverage.

There’s also a new menu option called “Clash of Engineers”, which is a new hub designed for construction contests. If you’re interested in participating in these design contests, just check out the menu hub.

A new set of brawls have been added to the Custom Battle mode, and some pricing models have been altered for some of the weapons and modules.

Crossout is a pretty cool game for Mad Max enthusiasts and well worth checking out if you’re into Twisted Metal-style arena games set in a post-apocalyptic world where you get to craft your own vehicle from the ground up. If you’re not sure what the game’s crafting is like, there’s a video from Gromek999 that showcases 15 minutes worth of custom builds with some crazy results.

Clearly you can do more than just ram your enemies to death. You can also build heavy bombardment vehicles where you just light everyone up with missiles and mortars; or you can focus on quick-stings with light-machine guns and a nimble chassis. The sky is the limit when it comes to player creativity.

You can grab a digital copy from the Steam store or from visiting the official Crossout website.


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