Cuck Movie Trailer Is About A Man Pushed To The Edge By Social Degeneracy
Cuck Movie

Gravitas Ventures and Rimrock Pictures released the trailer for their crime drama called Cuck. It’s a cheap looking film about a straight white male in middle America who has lost everything; his job being replaced with diversity hires, his car stolen by hoodlums, his life has been pushed to the very brink. However, the actual tipping point is when he devolves into taking a job as playing a cuckold in a porno flick.

The movie runs through the same sort of arguments that we oftentimes see peddled by the Left: that anyone who doesn’t approve of their degenerate propaganda is a lonely, fat, neckbeard living in his mother’s basement and posting anonymously on 8chan.

That’s sort of the general gist of the protagonist in Cuck, just until he takes the job as a cuckold in a porno flick, which apparently makes him snap and he buys some guns in order to… I’m not quite sure. The trailer seems to juggle between him becoming a mass shooter or a suicide case. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

It’s safe to say that the YouTube community was not amused.

There are a lot of comments taking shots at the film, with the top comments being the most hilarious.

The main issue is that while this film is obviously being made to ridicule what the Left thinks of the Right, are they not in some ways acknowledging the truth of normal Americans who are tired of the Left’s propaganda? That many jobs are being handed out to diversity hires? That illegals are being flooded in to disrupt natural population growth, as admitted to by a New York election commissioner? That the attack on straight white males have made people angry and distrustful?

As some pointed out in OAG’s comment section, this could be one of those movies that dispenses inadvertent red pills.

The movie also seems to miss the biggest culprit of unrest in America: media propaganda. Instead of blaming people for not wanting to be brainwashed, maybe the movie should look at who’s doing the brainwashing? Then again, that would be the real red pill moment that Hollywood couldn’t allow normies to consume.

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