Digital Bros. Reveals Epic Games Store Paid $10.4 Million For Control Timed Exclusivity

We now know how much the Epic Games Store paid for 505 Games and Remedy’s Control — despite the game failing to make various top ten charts. According to Digital Bros. (parent company of 505 Games), we learn that Epic paid £8.36 million / €9.49 million / $10.45 million respectively for the third-person shooter.

The news broke thanks to Digital Bros. posting up its consolidated and separate report document for June 30th, 2019, on

As per usual, social justice activist and analyst for Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, caught wind of all of this and did some calculating to reveal what Epic dished out to have Control as a timed exclusive.

Some people questioned Ahmad and thought that the £8.36 million / €9.49 million / $10.45 million had contribution from PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth in that zero payment went out before June 30th in the console department.

And then a naysayer rose up to dispel the whole thing like it was a false notion only to find that Digital Bros. indeed confirmed Ahmad’s previous tweets in the consolidated report.

Another individual that happened to read the actual report found the same results as Ahmad and notes that Control’s earning derived from the digital marketplace that requested exclusivity for its distribution:

Despite Remedy and 505 Games looking to bring new content to Control, the third-person shooter isn’t getting over with gamers even when heavily discounted. We know this because the game dropped off the UK charts during the second week, and according to the U.S. analyst social justice activist himself, Mat Piscatella, the game sits at the 23rd spot on the NPD Group’s chart:

So there you have it, the £8.36 million / €9.49 million / $10.45 million by Epic is funding the “Expeditions” which is a new game mode set for this December, the first expansion dubbed “The Foundation” set for release in early 2020, and a second expansion rocking the moniker “Awe” sometime in the mid-part of 2020.

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