DOOM 2016 Total Conversion Mod Now Available For DOOM 2

Doom 2016

For the past two years modders have been working tirelessly to create the total conversion mod that DOOM fans have been itching to play. They’ve managed to take the 2016 iteration of DOOM and convert the enemies, weapons, and content into a playable, vanilla format for DOOM 2. I know, it’s crazy… and it’s glorious!

Modder Noiser made a post over on the Doom World forums, informing gamers that you can download the DOOM 4 Vanilla total conversion right now. If you can’t download the attachments from the forum, there are alternate Dropbox links for the regular version and the MS-DOS version.

The modification contains a ton of new features, many of which are outlined in the promotional video for DOOM 4 Vanilla that you can check out below, courtesy of The Becoming.

The trailer is chock full of wads in effect, from Nex Credo and Interception, to the Moonblood and Doom 64 in Doom 2 mod, there are a ton of different mods you can hook into D4V, as well as a bunch of different DOOM platforms you can use to host D4V, including but not limited to Z-DOOM, the Eternity Engine, and Zandronum to name but a few.

You’ll gain access to an overhauled GUI, face off against the new demons featured in DOOM 2016, including the Mancubi with flamethrowers, the jetpack-equipped Revenants, Pinkies that charge at you, and teleporting Summoners.

They’ve added a punching animation to mimic a Glory Kill from the 2016 outing, a faster chaingun, the super chainsaw, the new super shotgun, the overhauled plasma rifle, and the new pistol. According to the forum post they’ve mixed together some original sprites courtesy of Necrronixis along with some additional fine-tuning made by Franco Tieppo.

In addition to the Summoner and flying Revenants, there’s also the new Cyber Mancubus, the Hell Razer, and Gore Nests to contend with.

All new remixed tracks in DMXOPL by Csonicgo have been included, along with new brightmaps for the sprites and textures, blood splats that stay on the floor, all new colormaps with tint effects, and overall improved visuals.

If you can’t wait to play DOOM: Eternal this fall, you can definitely check out the DOOM 4 Vanilla to help tide you over until November.

(Thanks for the news tip ThyBonesConsumed)

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