Dress-Up Traveller Arrives On Steam With Free Uncensored Patch
Dress-Up Traveller

CatBellUnion’s Dress-Up Traveller launched on Steam recently for $3.99. It’s the R18+ version of the game but it’s also censored. Yes, It’s weird, I know. However, CatBellUnion also released an accompanying uncensored patch that’s available to download right from the Steam store.

You can pick up a digital copy of Dress-Up Traveller from over on the Steam store right now. It’s discounted during the first week of release by up to 31% off.

The hook for the game is that you take control of a hot chick with big jiggly boobs. Your objective is to travel around and beating enemies into a pulp using low-end weapons until you can acquire enough material to craft some new gear.

The hook is that as you gather material and craft new items, you can customize the main character’s look, including her hair and clothes.

As you battle to acquire new gear, you’ll need to keep watch of your equipment because during fights your armor will take damage and eventually will break off, leaving the main character completely exposed. You know what happens next? Well, much like construction crew working on a pothole tarnished street, let’s just say that no hole gets left unfilled.

There nine different enemies to battle and one H-scene per enemy, along with four full animated sequences.

Additionally, there’s the uncensored DLC that you can download for free from over on the Steam store.

What exactly does the uncensored patch do? Well, it removes the mosaic censorship.

I don’t know why Valve allowed this game through along with the uncensored patch given that they’ve banned tons of other games, like Taimanin Asagi, but sometimes it’s better not to question Valve’s taste policing too much and just take what you can get because they could very well reverse the decision and ban Dress-Up Traveller, too.

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