Editorial: 2018 Democratic Document Detailed Plans To Control Social Media Heading Into 2020 Elections

Democrat Document

The mark of a weak tyrant is their insatiable appetite for the complete control of every facet of society in which they lord over. An insecurity drives this appetite and a fear born of projection of the very abuses they have enacted will be used back against them makes the preservation of their power a matter of life and death.

Our society’s pendulum has begun to swing back from its zenith on the left. This can not only be felt, but seen in all walks of society. Where a few years ago people would only criticize the direction society is going in whispers and backrooms. Where calling out the progressive infiltration of media, academia, gaming, were enough to have you labeled a loon and dismissed, we now see all of this now common place, not just online, but in the real world as well.

A tyrant’s power is waning when people no longer fear criticizing them. On their way out they become increasingly desperate and very much historically will bring down the entire edifice of society before relinquishing power. In that spirit back in 2018 there was a leaked document of policy proposals writing by Senator Mark Warner of Virginia detailing their plans to grasp complete control of silicon valley to police any detractors.

The news was covered back in July and August of 2018 by NeonNette and sites like Reason, but it mostly flew under the radar. The document resurfaced in light of the recent uptick in censorship by social media giants heading toward the 2020 elections.

Naturally as I’ve said numerous times, if these people were intelligent they would actually be a threat. Proving this theory, the document is littered with examples of the policies’ own rebuttal: passages regarding censorship vectors they  don’t want used against them, and enough disproven propaganda from the Russian election meddling you’d swear you were reading a sentient rendition of CNN that had gained some self awareness.

Merely because the document would have you laughed out of any intelligent profession doesn’t mean its existence should be ignored. This is their intent, this is what is circulating amongst democrats, and even if it is laughed out of power it invariably is their aims and will eventually be perfected when someone intelligent is hired to pen a more precise articulated version to drive the narrative home.

It is difficult to decipher what bits of this 23 page document are the most dangerous. There are calls for Government funded Trust and Safety Council comprised of the legacy media to combat fake news and spread government sanction propaganda, which is horrifyingly not the first time this has been proposed, nor will it be the first time it has been attempted to be implemented if it comes to pass.

It is strongly recommended you for this reason check the document out yourself.

Duty to Clearly and Conspicuously Label Bots: A provision to unperson people spreading information that is not approved by the establishment and people who work for their opposition. Imagine every person the media has called a Russia bot now being actually labeled and treated like as if that was a defacto truth.

Duty to determine origin of posts and/or accounts:  The Death of anonymity on the internet that couples with “Duty to Identify Inauthentic Accounts” to ensure that everything you post, every thought you have, every bit of dissent you express will be capable of being tracked back to you personally. Naturally their greatest fear as they express in the document is that it would allow oppressive regimes to use this to be able to track down people and it could be used exactly how they intend to use it against others against their actors and agents.

Public Interest Data Access Bill: They want for all bits of data collected by websites to be available for NGOs, their researchers, and their civil rights advocates to be able to use to build models and form legislation to better govern society.

“Deep Fakes”: Deep Fake is going to arguably be the Democrats/leftist new buzz phrase for any video/audio that portrays them in a negative light. What a deep fake is in reality is video or audio that is created using artificial intelligence that is capable of imitating your appearance and voice giving it the ability to say something that sounds exactly like you or as seen in Deadman Wonderland look and move like you.

Keep in mind this is not a fake threat. Deep Fakes will be a prevalent issue over the next few decades as the technology does exist to produce them right now. The problem is the technology cannot produce them to a degree they can’t be distinguished from the real deal. Basically you can still tell through analysis that a Deep Fake is fake, but in a decade or so that will cease to be the case.

In this instance the term just references anything that makes them look bad. The goal is to have it taken down until it can be proven real, but as many Facebook users can attest appealing to their trust and safety council is about as useful as trying to erode a mountain by blowing on it.

Require Interagency Task Force for Counter Asymmetric Threats to Democratic Institutions

Asymmetrical Threats are acts that have an unfair advantage to the perpetrator. – Philips, A 2012 https://news.usni.org/2012/10/14/asymmetric-nature-cyber-warfare What this word salad is, is the application of the broad term “cyber security” as a justification for government funded institutions that would counter potential threats. In short it’s asking for the funding of a cyber warfare division that would go after civilians.

The document proposes side stepping Trump to create the organization independent of the Commander and Chief of the Nation; meaning it will be beholden to congress and not any regulatory oversight that the people have an input into. Only to relent that like another institution: The State Department of Global Engagement Center, the president can just starve it of resources making it as effective as a limp dick.

Essential Facilities Determinations: Declaring apps, programs, platforms that have a significant size to be under tighter government restrictions and controls to harvest data from people. Namely the document mentions as an example using Google Maps to key map everything you enter into your phone. All the while forcing any competition that arise to challenge the dominance of established partners will be forced to offer their technology at a reasonable rate, so that major players can adopt and adapt it and not be threatened in the market by newer companies.

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