Everlast Gets Way Too Woke With “Be First” Ad
Everlast Woke

Most people don’t expect sporting good makers to do anything other than make sporting goods and make them last. In the same way that we don’t go to our barber for financial advice about our IRA, we sure as heck don’t look to our training equipment produces for life lessons about moral grandstanding and sociopolitical issues, yet Everlast thought that they had the high ground and decided to do just that.

In a new ad campaign called “Be First”, they highlight boxer Patricio Manuel. The boxer won a fight by judges decision back in 2018 against a jobber who has only lost his fights.

Oh, and did I mention that Patricio was born a girl?

The three and a half minute mini-doc covers Manuel’s transition and attempts to become a boxer in the male division of the sport.

Manuel grew out facial hair and had surgery to remove any remnants of boobs. Face-wise, you might actually think that Manuel was purebred man – the sunken eyes, broad nose, and jawline almost convinces you that you’re looking at a BAMF, and then Manuel speaks and you’re convinced that this is either the voice of Mike Tyson reincarnated or escaped XX chromosomes that went in hard on the LARPing.

The video rating and user comments definitely recognized the LARP and made it clear that some of them weren’t fooled.

Of course, there are still those in the comment thread supporting and praising Everlast for their decision to bring sociopolitics into their advertising campaign.

As Rooster pointed out, this kind of political messaging is what did Gillette in, costing them $8.2 billion and earning them a spot on the Get Woke; Go Broke Master List.

Will Everlast head down the same route catering toward a negligible percentage of the consumer buyer’s market?

I suppose we’ll find out as the message spreads and more people become aware of Everlast’s attempt to get woke. Because we all know what comes next after that.

(Thanks for the news tip anon. Stay safe.)


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