20,000 Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition Helmets Recalled Due To Mold
Fallout 76

Bethesda can’t seem to escape controversy when it comes to Fallout 76. The game has been riddled with bad news since before it released, leading up to its release, and even after its release. The latest saga of drama involves the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition, which came with a replica T-51b Power Armor helmet. Apparently the collectible is being recalled due to mold exposure.

DualShockers picked up the news from GameSpot, reporting that Bethesda has had to recall the helmets due to the mold exposure, which could prove hazardous to anyone who is exposed to the mold.

Techspot pointed to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website, which has details on the recall, where it states…

“Mold can be present on the fabric insert inside the helmet, posing a risk of respiratory or other infections in individuals with compromised immune systems, damaged lungs or an allergy to mold.


“This recall involves the T-51b Power Armor Helmet. The one-size fits-all helmet is constructed of ABS plastic and has a polyester/cotton blend fabric liner with elastic. The product name “T-51b” and “Power Armor Helmet” appears on the product packaging.


“Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled collectible helmets and contact GameStop for a full refund and return instructions. GameStop is contacting all known purchasers directly.”

The Chinese-manufactured helmet was being sold at GameStop for $150 as part of the collectible edition of Fallout 76.

YouTuber TheQuartering did a video covering not only this most recent incident, but also a number of other incidents that have plagued Fallout 76 over the past year as well.

If you have the T-51b replica helmet that you purchased from GameStop as part of the Fallout 76 collector’s edition, be sure to send it in as soon as possible before the mold spreads and you end up living in the kind of disease-ridden environment in which the Fallout games are set.

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